Citadels – Tier 4 Defensive Stations Mod

Citadels – Tier 4 Defensive Stations Mod

Everyone knows how much defense stations suck without modding. And even if you get one of the really amazing station mods out there, the sheer power of endgame fleets utterly butcher most station flowers on hgiher difficulties. I’m taking maybe 10k fleet power in stations being against 100k or more.

So what stops your race from discovering bigger, better stations? What prevents them from creating essentially citadels in space? This mod fixes that problem by adding a Tier 4 station type: Citadels. These massive stations have 8 A slots, 45 L Utility slots, and for weapons have one of four choices, Superweapons, Large Weapons, Medium Weapons, Hangar, or Small Weapons. You can only have one Superweapon platform on a Citadel, but this should help out in endgame with the sheer power.

Being a direct upgrade of Fortresses, Citadels have 3 slots for different components. Quantum Destabilizer, FTL Inhibitor, and Shield Dampeners no longer have to be spread out in the flower!

Of course, there is a downside to the sheer power of this ship. With the amount of tech it will be sporting, it is looking at a massive price tag, not to mention horrendous upkeep. Can you handle more than a handful of these powerful stations? Can your economy support them? That, my friend, is the question…


Special thanks to Frog-in-a-Box who helped me and taught me the ins and outs of this mod, sticking through it with me until the end!

As usual, the art used is NOT my own. SPecial thanks to CCP Games, makers of Eve Online!


December 5th 2016:
Increased HP to 50k from 40k
Increased Armor from 50 to 65
More than halved maintenance costs
Updated to 1.4 compatability

December 8th 2016:
Reduced the upkeep by a little more. Should be slightly more manageable.

December 9th 2016
FIxed a problem where XL slot weapons only had a 90 degree firing angle
Added a third XL slot to the Superweapon Station Part

December 14th 2016
Halved upkeep. Again. Should be more viable now.

Dragon of Desire
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