CHOAM – Dune Houses Enhanced – 1.2.1 update Mod

CHOAM – Dune Houses Enhanced – 1.2.1 update Mod

This is an updated version of the CHOAM mod for Stellaris 1.2.1

This update features a number of changes, including:

– 10 new Strategic Resources, including Spice Melange, Mentats, Truthsayers, and other elements from Dune
– The Synchronised Worlds have been replaced by the Order of Mentats
– tweaks to the Name Lists
– System Initializers for a number of Factions

A number of Factions have access to unique resources, with corresponding unique buildings that grant Empire-wide modifiers. Trading these resources with other Factions allows them to build these unique buildings and gain similar boosts to their Empires. The Factions and Resources are as follows:

Fremen – access to Spice, which grants a boost to trade, influence, and leader lifespan
Guild – access to Navigators, which boost interstellar travel and scanning ranges
Vernius – access to Ixian Technology, which boosts Ship stats
Bene Tleilaxu – access to Alxotl Tanks, which boost Leaders
Bene Gesserit – access to Truthsayers, which provide Diplomatic boosts
Ecaz – access to Elacca Drugs, which boosts your population’s happiness
Ginaz – access to Swordmasters, powerful defensive units
Corrino – access to Sardaukar, powerful offensive units, and Suk Doctors, who boost healing of armies
Mentat Order – access to Mentats, who boost research

This mod is built on the foundations of Captain Murray’s “Dune Houses” mod, and aims to bring the world of Dune to Stellaris. Building on the existing content of the mod, this update features 18 factions from the Dune universe (House Atreides, House Corrino, House Ecaz, House Ehzharian, House Ginaz, House Harkonnen, House Khumali, House Moritani, House Ordos, House Richese, House Tantor, House Vernius, House Wayku, the Spacing Guild, Fremen, Bene Gesserit, and Bene Tleilaxu)

– All factions have animated portraits with new clothing and other features

– All factions have correct starting planets, and as close as I could get to appropriate traits, governments, name lists, and so on

– The Guild use Wormholes for FTL, and the Fremen use Hyperlanes – all other factions use Warp FTL.

In the future I would like to add Spice Melange as a luxury resource, solely available on Arrakis. Spice would grant a ton of energy credits and a boost to leader lifespan. I’d like to also have custom events that effect spice factories on Arrakis, to simulate worm attacks (occasional destruction of buildings and pops on the planet, or something like that?).

A further tweak could be to add a custom trait, only available to the Guild, that grants x energy credits/month for each wormhole generator built by any faction. The mod would then change all factions apart from the Fremen to use Wormholes (simulating Guild profit from FTL travel) – it would ideally also change the model used for Gravity Wells to Guild Heighliners.

Finally, in an ideal world I would like to spawn the Fremen initially as a pre-FTL population on Arrakis, allowing factions to uplift or enslave them as they choose.

These tweaks are beyond me at the moment, but I have re-coloured some of the ship models to fit better with how I thought they should look for the mod, hence the size of the download!

I’ve tested the mod and it seems to work okay, but let me know if you find any bugs.

This is a work of a fan and is in no way intended to violate commercial or personal copyright, but please contact me if you have any concerns, and I hope you all enjoy the mod.

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