Children of God Empire For Stellaris

Children of God Empire For Stellaris


This mod is inspired by films like “Village of the Damned”, “Children of the Corn”, Stargate Atlantis S01E06 and the species of Ori in Stargate.

It contains a full customized Species:
– Name list for leader, ships, fleets and planets based on christian first and islamic last names, also gods and titans of greek mythology.
– english and german description and start screen message
– 7 female generic portraits
– 18 female leader portraits
– 22 male generic portraits
– 19 male leader portraits

The species can appear as AI opponent, but a cusomt AI personality is not yet done.


As a religious nation formerly equal to the human of earth they researched on various anti-aging technologies and finally found a way to extend their life.
Several generations later they realized the use of this technology changed their genome permanently. Although everyone could then have a long life without technology, an unwanted side effect occurred, which stopped growth of the body at a certain point.

This irreversible genomic accident resulted in a radical change of the race.

Since that time the call themselves the Children of God. They are convinced to bring as the chosen people their faith and values to all people of this galaxy. Whether they like it or not.

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