Better Star Wars Music Mod

Better Star Wars Music Mod

This has been update for v1.6
I have added several new track and organized them for the music player, please note the following abbreviations:
KOTOR – Knights of the Old Republic (the best game ever, not the MMO)
ANH – A New Hope
TES – The Empire Strikes Back
ROTJ – Return of the Jedi
PM – The Phantom Menace
ATOC – Attack of the Clones
ROTS – Revenge of the Sith
RO – Rogue One
FA – Force Awakens
**************************IMPORTANT FOR THOSE UPDATING *****************************
Once you update this mod please disable it, start Stellaris, exit back out, then activate the mod
This will put the songs in an order in your play list so they are easier to find
**************************IMPORTANT FOR THOSE UPDATING *****************************

This mod simply adds several Star Wars tracks I have hand picked. I have also included some tracks from KOTOR I and KOTOR II. These are the tracks I feel best fits a Strategy game, some of the volume on the tracks have been turned down a bit as some of the Star Wars tracks are very intense and loud. Some of the tracks have also been edited for better game play sound. Here is a list of the music, I will possibly add more over time, I am still testing out volumes and the actual music itself and will update along the way

If you don’t like a song just disable it from the play list

** This mod is 99.999999% (I am not going to test this with every single mod out there) compatible with all other mods, this will not replace any music, it only adds music, it is also compatible with your saved games

Star Wars KOTOR I Aboard the Starforge
Star Wars KOTOR I Korriban
Star Wars KOTOR I The Sith
Star Wars KOTOR I Darth Malak
Star Wars KOTOR I The Old Republic
Star Wars KOTOR I The Leviathan
Star Wars KOTOR I The_Jedi_Academy
Star Wars KOTOR I Sith Guard Encounter
Star Wars KOTOR I Last Chance
Star Wars KOTOR I Korriban Sith Academy
Star Wars KOTOR I Inside the Sith Base
Star Wars KOTOR I Guard Droids
Star Wars KOTOR I Dantooine Grasslands
Star Wars KOTOR I Combat Music
Star Wars KOTOR I Character Theme
Star Wars KOTOR I Captured by the Leviathan
Star Wars KOTOR I Bastila Shan
Star Wars KOTOR I Area Theme 2
Star Wars KOTOR I Arena Theme 1
Star Wars KOTOR II The Sith Tomb
Star Wars KOTOR II The Sith Lords
Star Wars KOTOR II Rebuilt Jedi Enclave
Star Wars PM Duel of the Fates
Star Wars PM Enter Darth Maul
Star Wars PM The Droid Invasion
Star Wars PM The High Council Meeting and Qui-Gon’s Funeral
Star Wars ATOC Across the Stars
Star Wars ATOC Confrontation with Count Dooku
Star Wars ATOC Love Pledge and the Arena
Star Wars ROTS Anakin’s Dark Deeds
Star Wars ROTS Battle Of The Heroes
Star Wars ROTS Padme’s Ruminations
Star Wars ROTS The Immolation Scene
Star Wars ROTS Palpatine’s Teachings
Star Wars ROTS The Birth Of The Twins And Padme’s Destiny
Star Wars ROTS Enter Lord Vader
Star Wars ROTS Anakin Vs. Obi-Wan
Star Wars ROTS Anakin’s Dream
Star Wars ROTS Revenge Of The Sith
Star Wars ANH The Death Star and the Stormtroopers
Star Wars ANH The Hologram and Binary Sunset
Star Wars ANH The Battle of Yavin
Star Wars ANH Bens Death
Star Wars ANH TIE Fighter Attack
Star Wars TESB Attacking a Star Destroyer
Star Wars TESB Imperial Starfleet Deployed
Star Wars TESB The Asteroid Field
Star Wars TESB The Imperial March
Star Wars TESB The Imperial Probe and Aboard the Executor
Star Wars TESB Yoda and the Force
Star Wars TESB Rescue from Cloud City and Hyperspace
Star Wars TESB The Clash of Lightsabers
Star Wars TESB Carbon Freeze and Darth Vader’s Trap
Star Wars TESB Deal with the Dark Lord
Star Wars TESB Betrayal at Bespin
Star Wars TESB The Training of a Jedi Knight and the Magic Tree
Star Wars TESB Han Solo and the Princess
Star Wars TESB The Battle of Hoth
Star Wars ROTJ Alliance Assembly
Star Wars ROTJ The Battle of Endor I
Star Wars ROTJ The Battle of Endor II
Star Wars ROTJ The Battle of Endor III
Star Wars ROTJ Fleet Enters Hyperspace
Star Wars ROTJ Emperor’s Throne Room
Star Wars ROTJ Shuttle Tydirium Approaches Endor
Star Wars ROTJ The Death of Yoda
Star Wars ROTJ The Emperor Arrives
Star Wars ROTJ Ewok Battle
Star Wars ROTJ The Lightsaber
Star Wars ROTJ Approaching the Death Star
Star Wars RO The Imperial Suite
Star Wars RO Jyn Erso & Hope Suite
Star Wars RO Hope
Star Wars RO Your Father Would Be Proud

Star Wars RO The Master Switch
Star Wars RO AT-ACT Assault
Star Wars RO Scrambling the Rebel Fleet
Star Wars RO Cargo Shuttle SW-0608
Star Wars RO Rogue One
Star Wars RO Rebellions Are Built on Hope
Star Wars RO Krennic’s Aspirations
Star Wars RO Confrontation on Eadu
Star Wars RO Star-Dust
Star Wars RO Jedha City Ambush
Star Wars RO Jedha Arrival
Star Wars RO When Has Become Now
Star Wars RO Trust Goes Both Ways
Star Wars RO He’s Here For Us
Star Wars FA Farewell and The Trip
Star Wars FA Scherzo for X-Wings
Star Wars FA The Ways of the Force
Star Wars FA Torn Apart
Star Wars FA On the Inside
Star Wars FA Snoke
Star Wars FA March of the Resistance
Star Wars FA Han and Leia
Star Wars FA The Abduction
Star Wars FA Kylo Ren Arrives at the Battle
Star Wars FA Follow Me

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