Bedic Portraits For Stellaris

Bedic Portraits For Stellaris

This is a portrait mod pack that adds fully animated black haired and red eyed humanoids made through heavy modification of existing assets as to fit into the game’s artwork. You can choose these portraits under the new “Void” species class that will appear when making a new empire.

There is a history behind these portraits and the Bedic race, but it is long and I have no desire to re-write it

Randomised Civilisations will NOT use these portraits. If you want to play against these portraits, you will need to put them into a pre-made civ.

This mod is compatible with ALL other mods with the exception of my other portrait mod

To get around this, instead of using any one of the portrait mods, use this mod pack I threw together which will allow you to use both portrait sets at the same time

Please post a comment if you find ANY bugs whatsoever, I rather hastily updated this to 1.5.0, therefore there is a high chance of it not working right. I will fix bugs as I find them if there are any.

Writer’s note: The description of the two mods are pretty much copy paste due to me being lazy. Not because of some other malicious reason. I also encourage you to read the description of the map pack for certain reasons.

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