Asymmetric Starts Mod

Asymmetric Starts Mod

Compatible with 1.6
Ever felt the galaxy was a bit empty with nothing happening before your and your upstart peers’ arrival? Ever thought there should be large wars being waged by advanced empires by the time you discover them? Are you a fan of taking your one province minor against the big blue blobs as in other Paradox games?

This mod makes boosts the starting power of ‘Advanced AIs’ by giving them more planets, population, more-established colonies, larger fleets, and more resources. You’ll have to start a fresh game with it to experience the changes. It won’t ruin pre-existing or later saves and is only needed during the initial generation of the galaxy.

I’d recommend having no more than 1-2 Fallen Empires (I suppose you’d need at least 2 if you have the Leviathan DLC for the War In Heaven event).

Savegame friendly. You can activate/deactive as you wish, but ensure that it’s activated for at least the game start if you want the mod on.

Pics include Beautiful Universe 2.0 and my mods below.


UI Mods
Dark UI – A restyle of the UI.
Colour Coded Messages – Included in Dark UI.
Alernate Icons – Ethic, Civic and Trait icons recoloured.

Cleaner Galactic and System views
Clean Space – Cleans the UI on galaxy and system maps for a cleaner look. Will feature more extensive graphical changes.
Subtle Hyperlanes
Invisible Hyperlanes
No Exhaust Trails

Larger Galaxy Sizes, Shape, Cores, Textures
Epic Galaxies – Up to 10,000 stars, adjusted shape and stars in galactic cores.
Galaxy Texture 1
Galaxy Texture 2
Galaxy Texture 3
Dim Core

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