ALOT (Additional Leader Options n’ Traits) Mod

ALOT (Additional Leader Options n’ Traits) Mod

Whenever I choose my leaders in Stellaris, it always seemed to feel empty due to the lack of variety amongst them. Each leader would only have one positive or negative trait, and that seemed pretty dull because it suppressed many possible outcomes when using said leaders. A leader that is only aggressive or cautious will not result in anything interesting, and because of this shameful design, I have created ALOT, or Additional Leader Options n’ Traits, to spice the taste of leader-usage and selection in Stellaris.

Details and Descriptions
ALOT gives players additional Leader options and more trait points for Leaders in-general to make each one more unique from the other, as well as providing more interesting buffs, debuffs, and possible fleet-overloads.

The mod aims to enhance gameplay by making Leaders a more essential component to Stellaris because after all, without Leaders, your fleets would be desolate, your research static, and your empire forsaken.

Included in ALOT are the following:

+2 Leader Trait Points (for three traits in total per Leader)
+7 Leader Options (for ten total Leader options available)
The point of the mod is to not only make your Leaders more useful, but make them special in a way. A Leader with a negative trait will no longer be ignored, for he/she may have powerful buffs that can advance your species ten-fold, thus, it forces players to think about what Leaders they want now.

This also prevents players from performing, “Negative trait? Automatic-ignore or fire from the job” syndrome.

Additionally, this mod is standalone. In other words, this is entirely separate from STOK and The Trait Archive due to what is provided in each specific mod, and those two mods are standalone as well.

Xenology – Traits Expansion
Additional Traits
Svafa’s Expanded Species Traits
Snowyamur’s The Trait Archive
Extended Traits
Yet Another Traits Mod
Any other mod that doesn’t already increase Leader options and Leader trait points.

[HG] Snowyamur
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