Additional Repeating Techs Mod

Additional Repeating Techs Mod

Adds a few more Repeating Techs

After i found out that there was no way to keep increasing Gene points further, so i added extra Gene points as a repeating tech.
At the same time i also added a few more Repeating Techs.

I tried to make this mod compatible with most other mods.

To make the techs show up you have to research Gate techs for each science category(as suggested by Peter34).

Here are all of the tech bonuses:

-Trait points +1
-Mountly influence gain +0.5
-Pop hapiness +1% and pop ethic drift +1%
-Pop food requirement -5%
-Society research speed 10%
-Terraforming cost -5% and terraform speed 10%
-Building upkeep -5%
-Border range 10%
-Pop growth speed +5%
-Unity 10%

-Ship weapon damage +2%
-Robot pop output +3%
-Pop ethic drift based on distance from capital -2.5%
-Physics research speed 10%
-Naval Capacity +25
-Leader experience gain 5%

-Ship upkeep reduction 2.5%
-Spaceport ship buildtime -2.5%
-Ship sublight traveling speed 2.5%
-Engineering research speed 10%
-Ship auto repair 0.5%
-Energy and mineral max stockpile +5000
-Megastructure build speed 10% and megastructure build cost -5%

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