The Zenith of Fallen Empires Stellaris

The Zenith of Fallen Empires Stellaris

The Zenith of Fallen Empires retraces the steps of the Fallen, their rise to the pinnacle of civilization and military might. Going back several millennia, the galaxy was dominated by massive, technologically advanced weapons with each ‘Fallen’ Empire trying to outdo the other at every opportunity, inventing new weapons, each of them more dangerous than the last. Many great battles were fought – it was to ascend or be wiped out and forgotten. In this mod you will be able to research brand new technologies that will take you, and the galaxy, on the same path once more. You will have a chance to reach the zenith of technological advancement, and perhaps one day, become what the Fallen Empires were.

Current Mod Features (1.6.8a):
Titan Laser (8 colours including Purple through additional research)
Titan weapons and ship utilities
New advanced weapons
Resized vanilla XL weapons through research
Endgame Crises buff with new Crisis Weapons and Titan utilities
Fallen Empire buff with Titan weaponry
Delayed Fallen Empire Awakening
Fallen Empire ship and city sets (13 sets)
Fallen Empire ship and station types unlockable through research
Fallen Empire buildings unlockable through research
Brand new planetary buildings (30+ in total)
Buildable Energy Lance spaceports (Red, Blue, and Green)
Ringworld starts
Ascended Empires and Ascended Hive Minds* (with new government and civics)
Ascended and Awakened Empire Subject Types (and war demands)
Ascended Empire war demands (Banish Ascendancy and Total Annihilation)
Ascended Empire events (be nice to your subjects, or not…)
Lost Empire (Fallen Empire country type)*
The Wrath of the Ancients*
Hive Mind Invasion*
The Last Crusade*
And perhaps a reward for researching every Titan Weapon…
*Full features and some spoilers in the forum.

Those of you who are already familiar with the Researchable Titan Laser mod, and Titan Weapons mod, will find all the changes in the release change notes 1.0.

Compatible with Game Update 1.6.*

Not using vanilla ship types or classes? Check the Ship Compatibility patch to see if it’s on there.

Fallen Empires Expanded Compatibility Patch

Fight for Universe Compatibility Patch

common/defines AE/FE ship maintenance, power calculations, AE naval cap

l_english original by Kolyn.
l_spanish provided by 8igualdos0s, updated for 1.6.2.

Standalone Component Modules:
The Zenith of Fallen Empires (Starter Pack)

Titan Weapons

Researchable Titan Laser

Titan Laser + Resized Lances

These are some mods I often play with my own:
LEX Extended

More Late Game challenges are always good! What will your Ascended Empire fight next?

Relics of a Fallen Empire

An essential for all fanatic Fallen Empire fans.

Psionics Expanded

More Psi stuffs for your Ascended Empire.

Q: Just wanted to ask… Is it just me, or are all the ships weaker?

A: As indicated in Compatibility, the fleet power calculations are 1/4 of vanilla. This prevents value overflow when you research the more powerful weapons from this mod which will result in negative fleet powers and a lot of AI oddities. Only the scale is changed as your ships’ dps and stats remain unchanged.

Q: I didnt get notification that Unbidden spawned and I cant discover them?

A: As indicated in Compatibility, any mods you have that overwrites the crisis events file will introduce incompatibility, and that incompatibility being the scripted contact that triggers for normal empires when a crisis spawns. New empire types from this mod are originally not included in that list, and thus I have overwritten that vanilla file for this specific reason. If another mod overwrites my overwrite, you won’t be able to contact crises and the event chain won’t fire in the normal way. Either use ‘Communications’ command or create your own compatibility patch that combines the changes in my overwrite with the overwrite of whichever mod that introduces the incompatibility.

Q: Why are Ascended Empires capped at 2000 naval capacity?

A: This comes from the fact that I used codes to ‘bind’ Ascended Empires to Awakened Fallen Empires to receive hard-coded benefits such as diplomatic options, attitudes, subject types and AI behavior. The naval capacity of Ascended Empires is therefore tied to the naval capacity of Awakened Fallen Empires as a result, which I have altered in the defines file to be 2000 instead of 1000 in the vanilla game. The trade off has been either a naval cap and all of the above benefits, or no naval cap and no benefits. You are free to alter this naval cap as you see fit.

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