Yet Another Unbiased Systems For Stellaris

Yet Another Unbiased Systems For Stellaris

This mod does the same as Unbiased Systems in general but in a bit different way.

My original intention was exactly the same – I don’t like “ideal colonies” gift at the start. It is more interesting to expand through development and exploration. There are many ways in Stellaris to get a new home – finding colonizable worlds, terraforming other, fighting for them.

At the same time I want mod to be compatible with others as much as possible.

Changes about prescripted ideal planets
This mod keeps galaxy generation untouched but removes empire ideal planets at start. These planets are replaced with the following:
– habitable system of random type (60%)
– barren planet with ‘terraforming candidate’ anomaly (25%)
– toxic or tomb planet (10% and 5%)

For the AI the only one prescripted planet is changed as above, the second one is kept as ideal. I noticed that AI performs not so good without that. Let me know if it is a bad idea.

Changes about home world
1. Bigger home world – home planet size may be increased randomly by up to 3 tiles.
UPDATE : I’ve got several requests to don’t increase homeworld size because it causes unbalanced homeworlds compared with other planets. I’ve changed it to increase homeworld size randomly by 0 .. 3 tiles, so homeworld size can be now 16 … 23 (it is 16 … 20 in non-modified Stellaris). And the bigger increase the less likely it will happen.

2. The home system may have colonizable planets or planets with ‘terraforming candidate’ anomaly.

More about Terraforming Candidates
I’ve made another mod to better handle such planets and recommend to use it since there can be several candidates from the beginning:
Terraforming Candidates

It shows candidate planets on map and their surface.

Mods are not depending on each other.

Let me know about any bugs or issues with the latest version of mod.

Mod should work just fine with other system-generation mods.

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