Yet Another Station Buff, Jeez Mod

Yet Another Station Buff, Jeez Mod

Buffs all station types hull points by 1.25% per year up to 300% at year 240
Want to take over this mod?
I hang out on the NSC Discord server[], almost every day – even though IRC is far superior to this dogshit called Discord. If you want to talk to me, you need to @-mention me, and I ignore most of the channels on the server except the modding-discussion one.
If you want to take over ownership of this addon or any other in my profile, that would be awesome. And you can obviously ask me anything on Discord.

I do not read comments or forums on Steam any more. I can only be reached on Discord.

So after I made that other station buff addon that buffs them by 300%, I had to playtest it. And holy smokes it was way too hard for a noob like me. I figured if even I don’t want to use the addon myself then maybe I should tweak it so that it makes a bit more sense.

Not that this way of doing it makes sense. I don’t claim that.

It may be that if you leave a floating hunk of metal in space over extended periods of time that its hull integrity increases. I’m not a rocket scientist. Let’s assume that assertion is true, and that this mod makes sense.

– Increases the hull points of all stations individually for all ingame empires by 1.25% every year.
– New stations are buffed the first year according to years passed in game, with a max starting buff of +125% after 100 years, then it increases by 1.25% up to 300% every year.

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