Xenon Sector For Stellaris

Xenon Sector For Stellaris

Translation of my mod into English. This is a test version, the descriptions are translated by means of machine translation, so don’t judge harshly. I think over time the quality will be increased.

P.S. My English isn’t the best, you have been warned.

Mod description:
The mod adds a very strong race of synthetics. If you decide to play as them, the gameplay may seem easy. I recommend to put the AI on a higher difficulty. If you play against them, prepare to die a horrible death. :))

Race description:
Very little info about this species is known because of their hostility and aggressiveness against those who violate their boundaries. Rumor have spread that an anthropoid-insectoid species created the synthetic assistants, who later turned against and almost destroyed their creators. The conflict lasted several decades, until a group of dissidents found a way to end the conflict. Interestingly, centuries of co-existence led to the unification the mechanisms and organic, creating cybernetic organism.

Do not change the startup characteristics of the race!

Game changes:
Added new unique prescripted race, The Xenon.
Added unique star system, Omicron.
Added new technologies, modules, buildings and army that are only available for the Xenon race.
Heavy bombardment, now can completely destroy worlds.
Changed balance of all reactors in the game, Which doubles the output of reactors.
Added mechanics population control.

Planned Features:
Add event at Omicron system, which when completed reveals the history of The Xenon.
New AI behaviour (current personality is the same as erudite researchers).
Planned addition of a political action, for example, a reaction to the oppression of AI.
Planing to add more technology, kinetic weapons mainly.

Conflicting files:
• commoncomponent_sets0_strike_craft.txt
• commoncomponent_sets0_utilities.txt
• commoncomponent_sets0_utilities_reactors.txt
• commoncomponent_sets0_utilities_shields.txt
• commoncomponent_templates0_guardian_utilities.txt
• commoncomponent_templates0_utilities_reactors.txt
• commontile_blockers0_tile_blockers.txt
• commontraits0_habitability_traits.txt
• commontraits0_species_traits.txt
• eventsorbital_bombardment.txt
• eventsorbital_fallen_empire_events.txt
• gfxmodelsportraitsAIrobot_blue.dds
• gfxinterfaceplanetviewarmy_icon.dds
• interfacespecies_mod_window.gui
Installing mods affecting these files will lead to inevitable conflict.

Di Crash
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