Weapons Overhaul Stellaris

Weapons Overhaul Stellaris

Weapons Overhaul is a mod which retweaks the properties of the weapons and modules in the game in an attempt to provide defined niches and a more engaging sense of progression when upgrading tech.

What are some of the changes you will find in this mod?

-Range increased across the table for main tech weapons
-Accuracy increased across the table for main tech weapons
-Energy Weapons are now effective against shields instead of armor
-Kinetic weapons bypass shields by a small margin
-Are you feeling lucky? Try missiles. Their damage margin starts huge and decreases with each tech upgrade. Get ready to roll that dice.
-Armor penetration exclusive to alien technology and the arc emmiters
-Disruptors tweaked to almost exclusively damage shields.

And more changes and additions focused on allowing as many weapons and modules as possible to shine in their own ways.

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