War Sectors For Stellaris

War Sectors For Stellaris

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War Sectors
Don’t want to spent time clicking through each sector to build up your fleet or worry that you won’t have enough minerals left for buildings and no energy to support them?
Then this mod is for YOU!

This mod allows sectors to build fleets with the new War Focus! (Corvettes, Destroyers, Cruisers and Battleships)
The sector will also focus on energy & mineral production!
Once a ship has been build by a sector, it will join your fleet or protect a rally point (like a planet).

Make sure to enable space construction in sector settings or the sector will not build these ships!
The sector will also colonize and build constructor ships if allowed in the sector settings!

Translation Process
– English 100%
– French 100% By Gérard la LOUTRE
– German 100%
– Russian 100% By Isyava
– Spanish 100% By ENGRANAJE
– Polish 100% By KG_Ralesong
– Portuegese 100% By PhoenixHawk

Recommended/Supported Mods
You don’t have to download these mods but they are supported by my mod. (The sector will also build the ships in the mods mentioned below if installed!)

– Realistic Ships

Want another ship mod to be added to my mod? Comment it below with the workshop page url!
All mods are compatible with my mod. But if the mod adds ships then the sector won’t recognize those ships untill I add the ship size names to the mod file!

What to build?
The Sector will build different types of ships depending on how much minerals/energy it has available!
The Tech level also plays a role here. (A Sector won’t build battleships if you never researched the tech required for battleships!)

Questions & Answers
Will the sector make ships that belong to the sector or me?
It depends, if you set your fleet as a rally point then it will join your fleet. The ships will get under your command. If you set a planet as rally point then they will just wait there and protect it. Note: if you have a fleet and planet as rally point, it will always join the fleet.

Will it make ships untill it hits or goes over the naval capacity?
It will keep building, but will increase it’s energy production if it’s above the capacity limit. You can prevent this by unchecking “Space Construction” in Sector Settings!

When does the sector know to stop producing ships, after war?
They will keep making ships untill you want the sector to stop. The ships that get produced will join your fleet or protect a rally point. (Uncheck “Space Construction” in the sector settings to let the sector stop producing ships!)

Which design does it build of a hull class if you have more than one design?
It will build the design with the most military power.

Compatible with all mods
Supported Version: 1.6.X

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