War Score Mod (OBSOLETE AS OF v1.1) For Stellaris

War Score Mod (OBSOLETE AS OF v1.1) For Stellaris

***IMPORTANT** 5/30/2016 – The v1.1 update fixes a great number of things regarding warscore and vassalization, mostly intersecting with this mod. The patch changes are, in my opinion, better than what I’ve done here and, at the very least, I’m satisfied by Paradox’s updates. While this does cut me off from some work I’ve been doing on the mod, I believe the v1.1 patch makes this mod extraneous. Therefore: THIS MOD WILL NOT BE UPDATED TO v1.1 (CLARKE).


*** 5/21/2016 – Updated for 1.0.3

NOTE: Likely uncompatible with the Expanded War Demands mod, as both mods modify the 00_war_demand_types.txt file. Let me see what I can do.

UPDATE V1.11 –
Increased the maximum size of vassals to 10 colonies and protectorates to 15 colonies.

v1.1 –
Introduced size restrictions to vassalization and protectorates in order to prevent the vassalization of massive empires. With this update, nations under five planets cannot be vassalized and nations under ten planets cannot be made into protectorates. In the future, this’ll probably be made reliant on the relative size of the two empires.

v1.0 –
The war score values of planets have been modified so as to allow an attacker to claim more worlds for a successful war. Here’s how the modifications go:

-Each planet now has a base score of 12 (down from 20).

-Each pop on a planet now adds 0.45 warscore to a planet (down from 0.8).

-A capital world now has a modifier of x1.4 (down from x1.5).

-All nations now receive a bonus reduction to the warscore of enemy border planets. Previously, only miitarists got a 10% reduction to the value of worlds on their border. Now all nations get a 10% reduction and militarists get a 20% reduction.

-All nations now receive a bonus to the warscore value of planets with their founder pops on them. Previously, only xenophobes got a 10% reduction to the value of worlds inhabited by their founder races. Now all nations get the reduction and xenophobes get a 20% reduction.

The end result is that planets tend to be worth around 15 warscore for a well-developed non-capital planet, 20-25 for a capital world, and down to around 9 or so for minor border planets. In each war, then, an attacker can conquer between seven and nine planets per war as opposed to three or four. In the future, I’m looking to do a more dynamic warscore calculation based on relative number of planets held on each side.

Conquistador Kinski
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