War Demand: Demilitarize 2.0 Stellaris

War Demand: Demilitarize 2.0 Stellaris

A very simple not so simple anymore and, I hope, useful mod. Now you can demand the demilitarization of your enemies. Empires that are forcefully demilitarized have their Naval Capacity halved.

There are four “Demilitarize” war demands, divided into two different types:

Demilitarize for 10 Years
Base cost: 50
Demilitarize for 15 Years
Base cost: 70
Demilitarize for 30 Years
Base cost: 100
Effects for all of them:
Naval Capacity of the loser decreased by 50% for the duration of the demand
+100 influence to the winner
Demand not available to Empires with Unrestricted War policy
Base cost modifiers:
-20 for Fanatic Pacifists
-10 for Pacifists
+10 for Militarists
+20 for Fanatic Militarists
Demilitarize Permanently
A special kind of subjugation: the loser will become your Demilitarized Subject
Demilitarized Subjects have a permament reduction to their Naval Capacity, unless they are released from subjectage
They are mostly independent, being able to do diplomatic actions and expand
If attacked, they will automatically call their Overlord
They cost 1 influence per month
After approximately 30 years, Demilitarized Subjects become Stable Demilitarized Subects
Stable Demilitarized subjects give you 15% of their monthly Minerals and Energy Credits
They receive the Stable Relationship opinion modifier (+100)
You get +1 influence monthly per Stable Demilitarized Subject
Demand not available to Empires with Unrestricted War policy
Base cost: 40
Cost scales with the size of the opponent (total population and number of planets)
-5% for Pacifists
-10% for Fanatic Pacifists
+50% for Militarists
+100% for Fanatic Militarist
The AI can use these demands. Empires with the Pacifist or Fanatical Pacifist ethos are most likely to use them.

I’m open to suggestions! If you’d like to add new
features or translate the mod to other languages, please, Fork Me on Github[github.com].

Currently, the temporary war demands make the winner automatically guarantee the independence of the loser, but nothing can stop him from breaking the guarantee. The diplomatic actions are frustratingly limited and it seems there’s no way to set a minimum amount of years to revoke the guarantee.
No vanilla files were harmed in the creation of this mod. It should be compatible with any other mod.

Compatible with games in progress.

Added some fluff to the stabilization process of Demilitarized Subjects. Two events should make the process more gradual, and you can even interrupt the process.
Version 2.0 released, with new demands and a new subject type
Feedback, specially balance suggestions, much appreciated.

If you like this mod, give my other (and bigger) mod a shot: Better Subjects.

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