Voidhunters Stellaris

Voidhunters Stellaris

This mod adds a variety of features to make the player more like the Unbidden. It includes:

1. A custom Unbidden species including portraits, a ship set (from Yorick’s Extra Playable Races mod), a city set, a name list, rooms, and a starting Unbidden Portal system.

2. The Voidhunters trait, which does the following:

Creates an Unbidden Portal in your home system, which creates ships on a regular basis
Gives the player the option of purging planets after destroying their fortifications
Unlocks Extradimensional Technology at the start of the game
Includes edicts for immortal leaders and increased fleet capacity
Makes all other empires declare war on you at the start of the game
Increases the cost and build time of your regular ships by 25%
3. Seven unique ascension perks exclusive to players with the Voidhunters trait:

Energy Tuning: increases the damage output of your energy weapons
Extradimensional Familiarity: increases your damage output against all Unbidden and the Shroud
Riftsplitter: allows you to create Unbidden rift “habitats” near uninhabitable worlds; these rifts can’t have buildings, but they provide large amounts of unity and influence; also grants an edict to open a new Unbidden portal for a flat influence cost of 500 provided you don’t have one already
Peak Power: increases your influence output by 10% and replaces the immortal leader and fleet capacity edicts with versions that cost less influence
Portal Mastery: makes it so you get the same number of ships in your yearly reinforcements as the regular Unbidden do
Challenge the Aberrant: lures a lesser faction of Aberrant near your system; defeating them gives you permananet bonuses
Challenge the Vehement: calls a lesser faction of Vehement to a nearby system; you get different bonuses after beating them
4. An Unbidden Portal that spawns when the game starts. It gives you fleets in waves.

The first fleet arrives with the portal, and one of the five remaining fleets will arrive each year. Shortly before the second fleet arrives, the spawn cycle will begin, creating extra fleets at the portal each year, so for four years you get two fleets a year, and after that you get one fleet a year. Each fleet consists of 2 revenants, 6 phantoms, and 10 wraiths. The player needs their portal in order to spawn fleets, and the portal can be protected by creating anchors (which are built like regular military stations).
The AI does not use the Unbidden Hunters empire, and it can not randomly select the trait or portraits, but they can be used by user-made empires. The mod does not replace any vanilla files and should be compatible with all mods.

-Known Issues:
-The Unbidden Anchors (both for the player and the Lesser Aberrant/Vehement) don’t seem to provide the invulnerability effect that they do for the regular Unbidden Portal
-The Lesser Aberrant and Lesser Vehement can sometimes build anchors even though they aren’t supposed to
-The portal planet types don’t use custom icons because I don’t want to replace any regular files

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