Vicious Orbital Bombardment For Stellaris

Vicious Orbital Bombardment For Stellaris

Instead of the vanilla Orbital Bombardment, this mod intends to make planetary conquest as much about attrition as it is about warscores. Even if you lose the battles, you may end up winning the war. The opposite is of course also true.

“Bombarded” Terrain
Certain bombardment types actively attempt to replace terrain with “Bombarded” terrains. While normally, this does not affect tiles with occupied buildings. If the building is ruined for any reason, this effect will hit the tile and result in the death of any population. This can be a double edged sword when attacking planets with key buildings…

Stellaris Changes since 1.5.0 and the Armageddon Bombardment
The 1.5.0 update and Utopia expansion changed a number of things in the base game regarding bombardments. First, the 1.5.0 update for Stellaris fixed the bombardment percentages in the Vanilla game. As such, the “Paradox” version of this mod was rendered obsolete. Second, the 1.5.0 update added the Armageddon bombardment mechanic. The Vanilla version of this bombardment stance is nearly identical to the Full bombardment type (booooo). Vicious Orbital Bombardment changes this significantly.

While Armageddon bombardment still damages a planets fortifications faster than any other bombardment type, this function is ultimately not what you will use Armageddon bombardments for. It is the only bombardment type that will turn any tile (regardless of if it is occupied with population or “hardened” with buildings) into “Bombarded” terrain. On fully developed worlds, this bombardment type is almost guaranteed to render every tile into “Bombarded” terrain. No one will be able to colonise this world until it is terraformed at least once to clear all tile blockers.

Use this new power wisely… (Who am I kidding? Use it indiscriminately.)

Orbital Bombardment Types
Three new types of orbital bombardment replace the vanilla three types of bombardment. Light is now “Area Denial Strikes.” Limited is now “Tactical Strikes.” Full is now “Strategic Strikes.”

Armageddon Strikes (Genocidal) are indiscriminate bombardments against inhabitable planets. Although civilian and military targets will inevitably suffer, their fate is largely irrelevant. The goal is ultimately to render the entire ecology of a planet uninhabitable without drastic terraforming. The effects are:
– Genocidal (50%) at leaving irradiated “Bombarded” terrain destroying any buildings and population formerly there.
– Once the final population is killed, the planet is changed to a Tomb world

Strategic Strikes (Full) are large scale bombardments that target civilian centers. The effects are:
– Strong (50%) at eradicating population centers.
– Mediocre (25%) at leaving irradiated “Bombarded” terrain in areas without buildings or with ruined buildings.
– Poor (12%) at destroying hardened structures and leaving “Ruined” buildings behind.

Tactical Strikes (Limited) are “clean” orbital strikes assisted by low altitude drones or high precision sensors. They strike key hardened structures, such as power plants, mines, etc. The effects are:
– Strong (50%) at destroying hardened structures and leaving “Ruined” buildings behind.
– Mediocre (25%) at eradicating population centers.
– Poor (12%) at leaving irradiated “Bombarded” terrain without buildings or with ruined buildings.

Area Denial Strikes (Light) destroying large swathes of territory and fundamentally changing the ecology of a planet. While generally not known for harming the indigenous population, they can lead to large scale population loss for those not protected by hardened structures. The effects are:
– Strong (50%) at leaving irradiated “Bombarded” terrain without buildings or with ruined buildings.
– Mediocre (25%) at destroying hardened structures and leaving “Ruined” buildings behind.
– Poor (12%) at eradicating population centers.

A Final Reminder about this Mod…
There is no “safety” with this mod. Regardless of the bombardment type you select, there is a chance that you will kill every building, tile, and population on a planet.

In war, there is no mercy.

This mod changes:
– eventsorbital_bombardment.txt

It should be compatible with most mods.

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