Universal Union REVIVAL Stellaris

Universal Union REVIVAL Stellaris

Revival of Universal Union [1.3.2] by Delta1116732

1.6.* Compatible

It contains:

-4 flags
-A namelist
-A Prescripted Empire

2 new Civics for the empire:
Civil Protection:
-10 Unrest, -10% Happiness, +10% Slave mineral output and +10% Government ethic atraction
Civil Workers Union:
Planet building cost -10%, Planet building speed +10%, Pop food requierement +10%
(pending descriptions, I’m still figuring out how to do that, be patient please :)”

Warning: This empire is intended to be used with my other mod: 5 Ethos points

It used to have a custom User Interface, but it had to be removed ino order to make it work, It also used custom music, wich I can add as a separate version.

It also used to have custom loadingscreens, I can add into the separate version as well if it’s requested (or try)

Special Thanks to Kepler68 for assisting so much this noob and huge role in making it work again.
And Thanks to HUNK for making a new, improved thumbnail and species bio.

Alguerath, Kepler68
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