Unbiased Systems Mod

Unbiased Systems Mod

Updated for 1.6!
A Non-Linear Start
Stellaris ensures that every player has an equal start by creating two “ideal colonies” close to each player’s home system. That means if your species has a tropical homeworld, there are two guaranteed tropical planets close by.

This is almost certainly done to ensure every player has an equal start, and if you’re into fair gameplay, that’s great.

But for me it’s irritatingly artificial. Personally, I love the feeling of the unknown, being unsure about what sort of galaxy you’re about to step into. I also love the feeling of having to really search for new worlds, rather than have them handed to you.

This mod removes those “ideal colonies”, and gives you the cold dark depths of space as it was intended.

What This Mod Does
REMOVES the calls to generate starter/biased systems in the empire_initializers.txt file.
Does not affect custom solar system starts such as Sol.
Mod is compatible with latest patch (1.6.*) and only affects a game when you initially start it (map generation).

Compatible with any mod that does not modify system initializer files:

This mod will remain very compatible with most patches, as the system generation files are rarely touched.

I wouldn’t advise playing with the tutorial switched on and this mod at the same time. The tutorial makes direct use of the starting colonies and thus will likely asplode your computer and half the continent.

Also, this goes without saying- each player will now have dramatically unequal starting points. Some empires will have the luck of having suitable worlds nearby, others will have to search longer. The AI works fine with the changes. If you like fair, this mod is not for you.

4-11-17 – Updated mod for 1.6.

4-11-17 – Updated mod for 1.5.* (removed prescripted (ie. Sol) changes).

21-10-16 – Updated mod for 1.3.* (no changes).

7-6-16 – Updated mod for 1.2.* (no changes). Simplified mod description.

7-6-16 – Updated mod for 1.1.0 (no changes).

21-5-16 – Updated mod for 1.0.3 (no changes).

16-5-16 – Removed biased system spawns from Sol start as well. Deneb still unaffected.

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