ultimatetech for stellaris

ultimatetech for stellaris

ultimatetech include a bunch of powerful technology, buildings and weapons.

Ascending Way: The primary technology and the key to the other technology. Unlock edict “Manifest Destiny”. Also gives you longer leader life.
Technological Prowess: Increase reseach speed. Unlock building “Intelligent Laboratory”, “The Great Library” and ship part “Anvanced Lab”.Unlock edict “Technological Prowess”.
Supreme Power: Gives you more core sector system cap and leader cap. Unlock building”Planetary Council”,Unlock edict “Supreme Power”.
Paradise Worlds: Increase building speed and colony development speed. Unlock building”Planetary Terminal”, “Paradise Garden” and “Biosphere Enrichment Facility”.
Networked AI systems: Unlock building “AI Hub” and ship part “Matrix Defence””Networked AI Terminal”.
Nano Drones: Unlock building “Nano Hydroponics farm” and ship part “Nano-regeneration Field”.
Molecular Manipulation: Increase ship build speed. Unlock building “Atomic Recycler” and “Atomic Assembler”. Unlock ship part “Admisce Armor”.
Dark Energy Control: Unlock building “Dark Energy Power Core” and “Dark Energy Power Plant”. Unlock ship parts “Dark Energy Reactor” and “Dark Energy Beam”.
Virtual Particles Manipulation: Unlock ship part “Virtual Particle Pulse Thruster” and “Virtual Particle Sensor”.
Beyond Dimension: Unlock building “Gaia shield”. Unlock ship part “Phase Shield” and “Blink Drive”.
Dark Weaponry: Unlock weapons “Phase Lance”, “Virtual Particle Cannon” and “Dark Energy Blast”

Manifest Destiny/Technological Prowess/Supreme Power: Gives a lot of benefit to the country but need influence.

AI Hub: Increase science resource output and robot build speed. Also produce physics research.
Planetary Terminal: Increase ship and building build speed. Also produce energy and unity.
Biosphere Enrichment Facility: Produce society research. Increase planet habitabillity and pop grow speed.
Nano Hydroponics farm: Produce food and increase pop grow speed.
Dark Energy Power Center: Produce energy and unity. Also increase planet energy gain.
Dark Energy Power Plant: Produce energy and increase max energy stored.
Atomic Recycler: Produce minerals and increase max minerals stored.
Atomic Assembler: Produce minerals, unity. increase planet minerals gain and build speed.
Intelligent Laboratory: Produce all type of science research.
Paradise Garden: Produce food and unity. Also increase pop happiness.
Planetary Council: Produce unity and influnce. Increase goverment ethic attraction and reduce unrest.
The Great Library: Country unique, produce science research and unity. Increase research speed.

Admisce Armor: Provide armor and ship hitpoints.
Anvanced Lab: Increase survey speed and research speed for science ship.
Dark Energy Reactor: Provide a great deal of energy.
Dark Energy Blast: Shield break weapon with a long range.
Virtual Particle Cannon: Ignore armor and make a huge damage to the ship structure.
Virtual Particle Pulse Thruster: Provide higher speed and evasion.
Virtual Particle Sensor: Provide more sensor range and tracking.
Phase Shield: Provide huge shield protect.
Phase Lance: X-unit ultimate weapon, extremely beautiful and powerful.
Matrix Defence: Energy type point defence.
Nano-regeneration Field: A-unit, provide shield and ship hitpoint regenerate.
Blink Drive: Super FTL drive, almost no wind up and wind down.
Networked AI Terminal: Powerful combet computer.

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