UberDreadnought Mod

UberDreadnought Mod

Powerful dreadnought that can dish out and take a lot of damage. Has carrier sections for a supercarrier configuration. While powerful, it can still be rekt by FE’s so use with caution. AI’s will build up to three ships maximum.



If you want a 5 section version (You need a 1080p mod of any sort though), go here My 5 Section Patch

Also prepare for a new, better model very soon (Once I get maya autodesk working)
Adding new ship styles does not affect this ship.
Compatible with the following major ship mods (testing in progress)

New Ship Classes and More (NSC)
Improved Space Battles (ISBS)
Tobori’s Dreadnought Flagship
Realistic Ships
Has hooks for compatibility with Power Stations and Advanced Computers

CAN WORK WITHOUT THEM (but I don’t reccomend it but I ain’t your boss so whatever)
Note: Not using Advanced Computers will result in some extra combat computers that add stats but dont have behaviors. Don’t use those.
Overwrites “guardian_events.txt”
Ask about compatibility for a mod and I’ll get back to you as soon as I have time

Researchable after you have battleships unlocked
Killing the automated dreadnought has a new event option to use the hulk to immediately gain Dreadnoughts as a research option with 50% completion

(Has extra strike craft buffs to compensate for their poor state atm)

Costs 20 fleet supply
Hull = 13000
Evasion = 5
Armor = 105
Max Speed = 2.5
Extra Shield Modifier = 75%
Extra Fire Rate Modifier = 50%
Extra Damage Modifier = 25%
Strike Craft Damage Modifier = 20%
Strike Craft Speed Modifier= 100%
(In format Weapons || Slots)
I know that these maybe be out of order (in the future) but I don’t want to change the names of each section when I add a new one.

Part 1:

Alpha: 4 XL, 6 L, 4 S || 9 L, 2 A
Bravo: 3 XL, 6 H, 1 M, 4 S || 7 L, 2 A
Charlie: 6 L, 5 T, 4 S || 12 L, 3 A
Delta: 2 XL, 2 S || 14 L, 1 A
This is to support super power draining XL-weapons from other mods (such as BreachCore)
Part 2:

Echo: 12 L, 2 S || 9 L, 2 A
Foxtrot: 12 H, 2 S || 7 L, 2 A
Golf: 6 T, 8 L || 12 L, 3 A
Part 3:

Hotel: 12 M, 2 S || 9 L, 2 A
India: 4 M, 6 H, 2 S || 7 L, 2 A
Juliet: 6 T, 6 M, 2 S || 12 L, 3 A
Part 4:

Kilo: 8 L, 4 S || 9 L, 2 A
Lima: 4 PD, 11 H || 7 L, 2 A
Fire Control – Gives tracking and accuracy buffs
Interdictor – Gives FTL slowing aura (like a station but without the magnet effect)
Damage Control (Requires Regenerating Hull) – Gives extra hull and hull regen
Integrated AI (Requires Sentient AI) – Gives accuracy, tracking, hull regen, shield regen, and fire rate
Bravo Section doesn’t display all the slots when you are on the section selection screen. Has no impact on gameplay and is a Stellaris bug that I can’t fix.
Again, “Tobori” was a great help in making this mod.
Paradox devs for their game and making it easily moddable.

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