Turkish Names For Stellaris

Turkish Names For Stellaris

A Turkish themed custom name list, featuring over 5,700 entries (most of them unique) for ships, planets and leaders. Fits with my other Turkish custom content mods such as Turkish Emblems and Turkish Republican Music. Whether you’re here to become the kebab or to remove it, you hopefully won’t regret using it!

The names are based on:
– Turkey’s districts and provinces,
– former Ottoman provinces
– Turkish Navy ship names
– Famous Turkish naval commanders, pilots, leaders, hero-ines, engineers, scientists, explorers
– Old Turkic mythological figures
– Turkish military outpost and base names
– Turkish statistical institute data on first names
– A list of last names on GitHub
– Kate Monk’s Onomastikon
– Custom input based on personal knowledge of the Turkish language.

Corvettes: 1091 entries taken from the list of Turkey’s provinces and districts, and the list of the Turkish Naval Forces’ historical and active ships.
Destroyers: 185 entries taken from the list of the Turkish Naval Forces’ historical and active ships.
Cruisers: 130 entries taken from famous Turkish naval commanders, pilots and the list of Turkey’s provinces.
Battleships: 50 entries based on historical Turkish rulers, Turkish presidents, and Turkish war heroines.
Science: 96 entries based on known Turkish scientists.
Colonizers: 36 entries based on famous Turkish explorers, adventurers and bards, as well as greater principles.
Constructor: 74 entries based on known Turkish architects and engineers, and the list of the Turkish Naval Forces’ active tugboats list.
Transports: 68 entries based on famous Turkish sailors and pilots.
Military Stations, Small & Medium: 72 entries based on partial lists of Turkish military outposts, especially in Kurdish-majority provinces.
Military Stations, Large: 17 entries based on the list of major Turkish military bases.

625 entries spread between the nine planet types (and Gaia). Based on Turkic mythology, provinces and districts with relevant names or locations.

Leader names:
– The 1st character namelist, “Turkey 2017”, is limited to 300 male and female most used Turkish names in 2016 according to the Turkish Statistics Institude (with limited custom additions to get to 300). A necessary change to limit the number of rarer, more outlandish names from propping up.
– The 2nd character namelist, “Pure Turkic” [sic] is based on a Panturkist website’s advice for names directly taken from Old Turkic languages. 2347 M and 600 F first names (also used as surnames). Regal names based on historical and mythical Old Turkic rulers.
– The 3rd character namelist, “Ottoman”, is based on both EUIV’s Ottoman names and a vetted database of common Ottoman names in the 17th century. Regal names based on historical Ottoman rulers and people of influence. 150 M and 150 F names 273 surnames.

Ozge Katip
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