True Hyperdrive-only Mod

True Hyperdrive-only Mod

Normally, the FTL restriction option only affects standard empires, but leaves Fallen Empires, Spaceborne organics, and Crisis factions free to use the FTL of their choice. No longer! While this mod is enabled, all factions excluded from the restriction are forced to use Hyperdrives. This change remains in effect as long as this mod is enabled, regardless of what FTL is allowed. As such, it is recommended to use this mod in conjunction with Hyperdrives as the only allowed method.

Additionally, this mod also removed both normal and Psi Jump Drives. To compensate, there is now a rare-tech tier-4 Hyperdrive that can be aquired through research or by reverse engineering the wreckage of a Fallen Empire vessal. It is also accompanied by a Psionic tech that increases FTL travel speed by 50%. Be warned, both of these technologies are dangerous, and carry the risk of attracting unbidden attention…

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