Tribes of Terra Stellaris

Tribes of Terra Stellaris

Version: 0.7.7
Compatibility: 1.7.*

******Mod is in currently in Beta********

As a Stellaris xenophobe, I tend to play human or humanoid races exclusively. I also detest the human artwork. There are a lot of great species mods that do much for humanoids (e.g., SW Species Pack and others), but there are few that change the human aesthetic beyond modifying vanilla color options. This mod is an attempt at providing some variety to other human imperialists by using an alternative aesthetic using high quality, static portraits. I am not a graphic designer and have no intention of animating these or any of the portraits included within the series.

Some material may contain suggestive themes which may be offensive to some players.

Backstory and Flavor
This mod adds an alternative-history human race forged from the ashes of humanity’s demise. Climbing out from the wreckage of human war and suffering, once mighty nations are nothing more than warring tribes. Under this backdrop, globalization begins anew. United under a common purpose of survival and expansion, the bloodthirsty, post-apocalyptic Tribes of Terra leave Earth to forge a new empire in the sky.

• Adds a custom human race with a rich variety of leader/ruler portraits (24 currently) and a custom name list.
• Adds custom loading screens that fit the aesthetic.

To Do
• Clean edge noise from older assets
• Add flavor events that provide back story and additional artwork
• Fully develop unique Name List (currently based loosely SW Species mod)
• Add additional portraits
• Add additional loading screens
• Implement unique empire with traits and ethics (currently just a new species)
• Implement more portrait options for synthetic ascension

Recommended Mods
• Pirate, Fallen Empire, Ancient, AI, Swarm, and Invader Ship Types for the Pirate ship type
• Sol System Expanded

This mod is a work in progress. My ultimate goal is to add a series of mods that feature alternative human histories each with their own aesthetic. I’m a huge fan of dark and gritty sci fi, such as Dark City, Alien, Event Horizon, WH 40K, and the like; all of which greatly influence my aesthetic taste in sci fi.

This mod serves as the base for future companion mods that further flesh out the rich, ongoing story of the Tribes of Terra. Always looking for more ideas and suggestions for changes and ideas for implementation.


Full compatibility with other mods, with the exception of loading screens. Each Tribes of Terra mod will contain loading screen files that add to the storied atmosphere of each Tribe’s aesthetic.
No vanilla files have been overwritten

Copyright goes to the original artists (in progress)

Marko Djurdjevic
Rafael Amarante
Leon Tukker
Nivanh Chanthar

Special thanks to the following for their inspiration and coding examples:

Last Laviathan

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