Traitors light Mod

Traitors light Mod

This mod rebalances the vanilla traits and adds a lot of new balanced traits (33). It also sets the amount of traits that can be picked to six instead of the normal four, which increase the number of choices when creating a new species. Many of the reworked vanilla traits and new traits are mutually exclusive to prevent stacking of bonuses.

New traits:
-Landscape Architects: Tile clear cost -25%. Cost: 1
-Master Builders: Building cost -10%. Cost: 1
-Automated Principles: Ship auto repair +4%. Cost: 1
-Unionists: Ethics divergence -10%. Cost: 1
-Computer Interface: Research speed +5%. Cost: 1
-Disabled safety protocols: Ship speed +10%. Cost: 1
-Transdimensional: Ship evasion +4 (units) and FTL emergency damage -100%. Cost: 2
-Grand Constructs: Ship armor and ship hit points +10%. Cost: 2
-Blue Collar Society: Energy, minerals +15% and research speed -10%. Cost: 2
-Cybernetic: Ship auto repair +8% and required food -15%. Cost: 2
-Beacon of Liberty: +8% population efficiency without slaves. Cost: 3
-Telepathic: Happiness +10% and ethics divergence- 10%. Cost: 3
-Lithovore: Required food -100% and -5% minerals. Cost: 2
-Unification: Slavery tolerance +100% and ethics divergence -20%. Cost: 3
-Warlords: Garrison health +100%, army damage +20% and ship armor +12 (units). Cost: 2
-Artificial Intelligence: Required food -100%, leader age +240 years and research speed +25%. Cost: 5
-Ethereal: Required food -100%, energy +10% and habitability +100%. Cost: 5
-Natural Technologists: Energy, minerals and research speed +10%. Cost: 3
-Biological Machine: Food, society research +15% and ship auto repair +8%. Cost: 3
-The Red Fleet: Ship build cost, ship maintenance -15% and ship hit points -5%. Cost: 2
-Technocratic Ambition: research speed +15%, leader skill level +1 and tech alternatives +1 (works after first tech has been researched). Cost: 3
-Eco Defense Initiative: Tile clear cost +25%. Cost: -1
-Incoherent Architects: Building cost +10%. Cost: -1
-Safety Inspectors: Ship speed -10%. Cost: -1
-Stupid: Engineering, physics and society research -10%. Cost: -2
-Incompetent Engineers: Engineering research -15%. Cost: -1
-Incompetent Physicists: Physics research -15%. Cost: -1
-Incompetent Sociologists: Sociologists research -15%. Cost: -1
-Poor Farmers: Food -20%. Cost: -2
-Pocket Lint: Energy -15%. Cost: -2
-Lazy: Minerals -15%. Cost: -2
-Moonshiners: Food -15%, happiness +5% and ethics divergence +10%. Cost: -2
-Killer Clowns: Happiness -10% and energy -15%. Cost: -4

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