Titan Ship Class For Stellaris

Titan Ship Class For Stellaris

When i first looked into Stellaris workshop, i was surprised what there wasn’t any titan mods. Sure, we have ISB and NSC, but for me, it was a bit much. So, why not make one?

Disclaimer: models used in the mod are from Improved Space Battles. I simply got rid of everything except titans and then rebalanced them.

Stats are equal to fallen titans: 15000 hp, 1 X weapon, 8 L weapons, 4 M weapons, 20 L utility slots, 3 Aux slots.

I made Titan Laser more power hungry, and gave the titans integrated powerplants to prevent battleships from using it (unless you use any mod what adds better powerplants), while keeping the stock 300 power cost balance on titans.

To get the Titan tech you need Battleship tech, Tachyon Lance tech and Armada Battle Formation tech.

Downscaled ships version. Recommended.

Otherwise you probably gonna need this.

If you want a fallen empire titans, together with their other ships, check out TBaE

Last update:

1.6.1 fix

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