Terraforming Candidates For Stellaris

Terraforming Candidates For Stellaris

What this mod does
Mod adds more terraforming candidates – toxic planet and cold barren can be candidates too. There are different stories for them and different terraforming links:

– Barren: this planet becomes ‘abandoned world’ with original story about life was there in past. This world can be terraformed to the arid/deset/savannah
– Cold Barren: becomes ‘cold world’ with story about its atmosphere is not enough, but greenhouse effect can make it habitable after terraforming. Can be terraformed to the tundra/arctic/alpine
– Toxic: becomes ‘primordial world’ where life is being formed right now. Can be terraformed into continental/ocean/tropical

Note, each candidate type can be terraformed only to 3 vanilla types with the same climate, but the terraforming cost is a half of ‘terraforming candidate’ cost in vanilla. So basically the first terraforming step is easier with this mod but the second step is needed if you need planet type with different climate.

Improved Terraforming Candidates
Mod enhances terraforming candidates visuals and mechanics. Now all candidates have ‘colonizable’ status and are visible on a map and in expansion planner. Such candidate planets have ‘terraforming candidate’ modifier and ‘candidate_planet’ modifier which are removed when terraforming is complete. The latest one is a new modifier and adds few negative effects to the candidate planets to better represent their harsh environments.

This mod should have good compatibility, it replaces only single anomaly category – “terraforming_candidate_category” in vanilla Stellaris.

It is worth to use this mod with Yet Another Galaxy Start mod which adds some terraforming candidates at galaxy generation stage.

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