Targaryen Mod Stellaris

Targaryen Mod Stellaris

Valar morghulis.

This mod adds in animated portraits and custom empire based off of the Targaryen dynasty in A Song of Ice and Fire/Game of Thrones. They have a custom empire with lore, a custom city set, and a custom civic which gives them dragon pops at the start of the game. They can start with 1-4 of these dragon pops.

It also includes a starting system based on the lore found on the ASOIAF wiki. The planet the targaryen empire spawns on is also modeled after the continents in the series. (model from old targaryen mod).

I hope you have fun conquering the galaxy! Just remember, a dragon is not a slave!

Comming Soon:
-House Stark Mod
-House Lannister Mod

Petyr Baelish
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