System Variety – Galactic Wonders+Habitability 2017 Mod

System Variety – Galactic Wonders+Habitability 2017 Mod

[UPDATED]: 07/05/2017

Goal of [MOD] to add more variation to system spawning:
-More/less planets/moons
-More variation in tiles on planets/moons
-Gaia planets/moons more reflective of the notion of ideal (tile size)
-Variation in star size (star classification based also visible on galactic map)
-Planet spawning hot/close cold/further out
-Star variation/rarity
-More variation in orbit spacing of both planets and moons
-Removed habitability limitations on starting systems player and AI, there is a chance to have multiple species in the same system no longer working
-7 Unique system spawns not in vanilla game. The names of which loosely include Eden, Perfide, Pieces, Albireo, Tatooine, Tres B4, and Akatosh.

Additions since redoing the MOD for 1.5:
-Reduced number of anomolies
-Reduced number of off planet resources spawns but increased resource amount for each this reduces clutter and makes space resources more exciting to find and important to gameplay
-Increased research/mining station maintenance cost
-Increased ship maintenance cost
-Reduced pop per navy modifer

Includes aspects of the More Planet Types by Knuckey333.

Included desposits file for Guilli’s Planet Modifiers to replace Guilli’s Planet Modifiers zzz_c_deposits.txt file…
Guilli’s Planet Modifierscommondepositszzz_c_deposits.txt file. [This allows for the additional planet types I added from More Planet Types to get the additional modifiers]

-Mineral/Energy availablity
-Changes to space rescources.
–Changes to cost of maintenances costs Returned to normal for now due to event spawns like unbidden being impossible to win
-Changes to pop per navy modifier
-Planet spawn ratios… Specifically does it feel like there are more desert etc (closer planets) then the further out ones at the larger tile sizes ie 20-25.

-End game events EG Unbidden etc. I am playing a game and they just popped up with 5x60K fleets with the largest of the normal galaxy empires only having a 13K fleet. Needless to say I think we are fecked…

UPDATE 25/04
-Returned maintenance costs to normal as event spawns in late game were impossible with smaller fleets
-Adjusted mineral/energy spawns to be more in line with original spawn ratios in normal game

UPDATE 07/05
-Fixed anomaly spawns all are working now with right tooltip descriptions. Compatiable with existing games/saves.

macmillant [Stellaris Modder]
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