STNH-Ultimate-Galaxy Stellaris

STNH-Ultimate-Galaxy Stellaris

STNH-Ultimate-Galaxy – 10.000 Star Systems for the Star-Trek New Horizons mod!

Compatible with 1.4.1 and 1.5!

10. April 2017 – Suliban AI race added to the map now. (Number of AI players keep it on 41 now for new games!)

10.000 Star-Systems, real large galaxy. Massive scale!
Mostly historic starting locations for all races only Orion Syndicat is random.
All races start in there historic quadrants: Alpha, Beta, Delta and Gamma quadrant.
Many Star-Trek nebulars included.
Large map, normal Stelaris map has the size 500, this galaxy has the size of 1000.
Performance is good on fast computers.

Map works now for 1.4.1 old save games and 1.5 new games. If you continue a old game with 1.4.1 then dont pay attention to the red exclamation mark in launcher, it will still work. Its only because the mod file was updated to 1.5, map will still work for the 1.4.1 Stellaris version and with your old save games. If you want to continue a old save do this: “For those who wish to continue their savegames, we have uploaded the previous steam version
(STNH_0_9_2_1a) to just download the archive and extract to C:UsersAdminDocumentsParadox InteractiveStellarismod and it will show in the launcher. also you need to roll back to Stellris version 1.4.1. Open your library, right click stellaris, chose beta 1.4.1 Kennedy.”

For 1.5 start a new game.

Read carefully – Game Setup:
To get a hard and working game use this:

1. Galaxy-Size select: STNH-Ultimate-Galaxy after loading the mod Star Trek New Horizons.
2. Number of AI players keep it on 41! (Suliban species now added)
3. Set fallen empires to 0!
4. Set habitable worlds to 500%! (Or 5x now)
5. Set the difficulty lvl to hard.
6. Travel option set to “warp” only!
7. Clustered Stars keep it on “normal”!
8. Advanced neighbours set it to “off”!
9. Endgame-Crysis set it to “on”! (The mod will handle this later as “on” = Full storyline and “off” = Sandbox Mode no full storyline)

Be ready for your hardest and most challenging game ever in the Star-Trek universe, have fun.

(If anyone has an idear how to mod the DS9 wormhole into this contact me)

Also get the mod “Flexible Core Planet Cap & Resettlement Cost” then you can control 9999 planets by yourself without sectors.

If you get a CTD while loading reduce your graphic settings.

Best Regards and Have fun – Pit

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