Stellaris Improved – Core Mod

Stellaris Improved – Core Mod

Current Version – v0.42 – Compatible with Stellaris v1.6.1
What is Stellaris Improved?
Stellaris Improved has four main goals:

1. Improve the game’s performance

2. Make the galaxy reactive to the player/players to remove mid/late game boredom through real challenges

3. Condense the time it takes to complete a typical game by half or more

4. Modify gameplay and combat to allow losing empires to *come back* from losses (both fleet and empire-wide)

This mod is meant to be played on the “Hard” difficulty setting. It is my take on making the game more fun.

Stellaris Improved is technically compatible with many mods, especially those that add new content instead of modifying vanilla game balance. However, mods that add ships will need their build times and costs tweaked to match SI balance. The same goes for weapons and ship modules, where the costs will need to be modified to fit SI.

Major Game Changes
Ascension Perks – Buffed the useless ones
Quality of Life
– Can terraform directly from tomb world to gaia planet now

Systems heavily rebalanced

The Shroud
– Cooldown is *much* faster now… critical failure in Shroud still locks it out for a long time – Zro is VERY important for reducing energy costs
– Some shroud rebalance done (avatar stronger, etc… – more to come)

– Crisises have a chance to come early – multiple crisis can go on at the same time
– Some crisis functionality has been re-written to fix some of the problems from Vanilla (AI rebellion still needs some work)
– Crisises are not a joke anymore – they are ability to steamroll the galaxy

Robots & Pops
– Much faster robot build time, more expensive, extremely powerful as slaves (rebalanced AI servitude policy) – watch out for angry AI…
– All pops grow much faster now — habitability very important

Megastructures & Planets
– Heavily rebalanced – can create multiple megastructures at the same time – tech will pop up much easier, build faster, etc…
– Science nexus worth it now, especially for ultra-tall empires
– Gaia planets and ring worlds get excellent bonuses – terraforming planets to gaia has significant advantages now
– Habitable planet size varience across the board changed to 18-22 – no more totally♥♥♥♥♥♥planets, and only way to get 25 size planets is via ring world or capital now

Ship Components and Utilities
– Cut cost across the board by ~ 4x – highly advanced weaponry has been buffed (titan lasers, guardian weapons, etc..)

Edicts & Civics
– General buffs to useless edicts and civics from Vanilla

General Ship/Station Related:
– All ships HP buffed by ~2-3x in general — station HP counts *heavily* buffed – death by doomstack takes longer now – don’t get caught with your pants down though
– Ship costs heavily reduced across the board – average 4x
– Ships move much faster in-system, warp faster (especially late-game warp), have more range
– Spaceports build faster – higher levels give more ship cap but are also very expensive
– Docked fleets have a much larger maintenance benefit now.. pulling your fleet out of dock is an important decision

Fallen Empire Related:
– Fallen Empires tweaked in many ways – generally a bit stronger
– Awakend Empires tweaked to be stronger as well – all fallen empires can *eventually* awaken

Empire Related:
– Empire borders are larger now and cause more border tension
– Warscore for annihilating fleets increased – warscore costs for taking planets, vassalizing, etc… reduced, especially with later technology (late game you can take entire quadrants of space at once)

Tech/Unity Related:
– # of planets has less of an effect on technology now – technology more affected by pops though
– Tradition costs tweaked – generally more planets is now worse for unity, while raw pop #s have less of an effect
– All technologies researched faster – curve changed to make early game similar to vanilla, mid/late game comes faster now

Game AI:
– AI considers empires further away to be possible threats now
– More balanced change for all types of AI personalities to spawn
– AI generally changed to consider player and other threats to be much more meaningful – will create pan-galactic federations to stop an out of control player
– Most AI are much more likely to put ships into combat instead of letting them sit at their homeworld while a war is going on

New Content
Buildings & Stations:
– Planetary Emotion Link: Gives massive amount of unity – costs huge amounts of minerals and energy; is not efficient and requires advanced tech
– Planetary Assembly Yards: Massive buff to ship build speed on this planet, however, is not efficient – primarily used to concentrate ship building in a few highly defended worlds

Technology, Traits, Etc..:
– Added tech to strongly decrease late-game warscore costs across the board
– “Trans Sentient” trait added for post-biological ascension races — Massive research, slow growth rate

From here, I will be splitting off major system additions as their own modules to be used together with this core mod (or not, depending on your preferences).

Have Fun. ????

PS: Paradox team, please put more AI devs on Stellaris and fix your broken AI. Thanks.

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