Stellar Flow Mod

Stellar Flow Mod

“The spice must flow!” – Every beggar on Arrakis

Started as only a game progression speed mod, now it is also a gameplay rebalance mod!

All the core features are in place. I will regularly update the mod when the game version bumps up or when a fix is needed. This mod is aimed for people who would like a faster game progression in Stellaris without having to wait a very long while to get anywhere (the wait is still present but the early game slug not so much. Its main focus is to promote replayability. If you don’t like a more “competitive” game pace then perhaps this mod is not for you.

This mod is aimed at people who would like a “faster game speed” experience, especially during the slow early game, without actually changing the game speed from Normal to Faster. Faster game speed can result in a slight loss of FPS and a bit of stuttering as it forces the AI to “think faster”, thus overloading the game (and also making your ships move like on crack).

3.0.0b FEATURES (June 19th, 2017)
— updated as BETA version for 1.6.x; more features and rebalances to be made.

2.9.1 FEATURES (August 26th, 2016)
Fixed numerous bugs and leftovers from 1.1.x; this mod is now fully 1.2.x compatible.
Made further rebalances to difficulties in terms of AI and Crisys strength.
2.9 FEATURES – The Blooming Galaxy Update (August 26th, 2016)
A new mapmode (Terra Cognita) is on by default. This mapmode removes the fog-of-war effect and showcases the galaxy in all its splendor. Unexplored areas of the galaxy still remain unexplored. You can always activte the default mapmode.
Increased the mapmode button limit from 6 to 8 per row, allowing for a more aesthetic view of the buttons with alot of mapmode mods installed.
Increased the spawning chance of habitable planets by 300% (from the default factor of 2 to 6) – requires starting a new galaxy/game.
Increased Gaia planet spawn chance from 0.1 to 2 – requires starting a new galaxy/game.
Increased chance of modifiers for planets – requires starting a new galaxy/game.
Increased mineral resource deposits on celestial bodies by +1 (not on planet tiles) – requires starting a new galaxy/game.
Reduced the odds of a null resource celestial bodies (those barren systems that annoy everyone; hey at least 1 mineral pls) – requires starting a new galaxy/game.
Made the default minimum size of colonizable planets 16 (up from 12) – requires starting a new galaxy/game.
Made the default minimum size of colonizable moons 10 (up from 8) – requires starting a new galaxy/game.
Minor balance tweaks to Advanced Government Forms bonuses.
End-Game Crises and Fallen Empires are now buffed harder to provide more chalange.
ALL End-Game Crises can appear in the same game.
Frontier Outposts now cost 0.75 influence to maintain (up from 0.40)
Muted the annoying sounds of the Crisis invaders (both Swarm and Unbidden).
Please check the discussions section for past update features!
Current bugs:
Pop growth will still be as vanilla on already existing save games. As of now, there is no way that i see around this, since Pop growth seems the only mechanic not directly tied to time and may be hard-coded in the save.

Uses custom defines, so should be compatible with any mods that alter defines.lua
Not compatible with other rebalance mods that alter the default Pops, Nationalist Faction, Ships, Buildings, Governments, Policies or Tech txt files.
Compatible with mods that alter/add other things to the game, such as galaxy sizes/types, flags, races custom tech, custom ships, custom buildings etc.

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