Stellar Fleet: Fleet Based Empire Stellaris

Stellar Fleet: Fleet Based Empire Stellaris


At start of game, choose version you want to play.
To build more ships, build a mining or research station to a habitable world.
Energy version must build on stars instead and turn them to black holes/neutron stars depending on mass.
Types of ships available depend on planet size.
Energy version depend on star class instead.
Destroy Enemy Colonies by orbiting planets with your capital ship(mothership/broodmother/arkship).
Must be out of combat for destroy event to fire.
Nomad version(Ultimate Spacecraft) is not immediately hostile.
To attack, just take a hostile action while First contact policy is set to aggressive.
Nomads uses economy module.
To build trade posts as Nomads, orbit a non-hostile colony with an ark ship.
To build ships as Nomads, orbit a star with an ark ship.
Resources and technology are ignored by this playstyle.

Not compatible with modded planet classes.
Might ignore additions made by other mods though.
No base files were harmed/harvested/infested/consumed by the making of this mod.
New Features:

Nomad version (Ultimate Spacecraft) now have an economic system.
Trade posts for Nomads added. Orbit non-hostile planets to build them.
Ability to build warships added to ark ships by orbiting stars.
The planned ship based resources were scrapped for being too convoluted. Instead the normal resources are used.
I went around the cost problem when you don’t have any planets by adding a modifier that zeroes normal costs for nomads and adding mineral costs to the event that create ships.
A mod I made because I was bored and looking for a challenge. Let’s you play a Fleet Based Empire.


Play as a Planetless Nation
Harvest your homeworld’s resources to make the ultimate weapon.

Harvest Habitable Worlds
You can harvest planets by building research or mining stations on them using the Capital Ship like Motherships and Ark Ships.

Expand Your Fleet
Harvesting worlds grant you the ability to create ships depending on which you version you chose.

Fight the Galaxy!
Harvesting Planets does seem to make you hostile to the whole galaxy. Good thing you can build up an Armada!

Narcoleptic Insomniac
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