Stellar Council: Federation Elections and Laws Stellaris

Stellar Council: Federation Elections and Laws Stellaris

Russian Localisation Done by Luckxter!
There might be times in the future especially when there’s a new version that the localisation would not match the current version.

A mod I made to add more flavor to federations. This is an early version and things aren’t polished yet. There’s only a few laws and most of them are about how the federation is run. This is my first public mod so if there are any problems please tell me.


Federal Elections
If Federal Leadership Law is set to Election, every 10 years, or when the federation leader leaves an election event occurs in which each member votes for the president. Currently each empire gets one vote. Ties are randomly resolved. AI has the highest chance to vote for themselves but has a chance to vote for other empires. Chance increases if they share at least an ethic, but the opposite is also true. Other election types might be implemented later.

Federal Laws
Federal Laws are laws shared by all federation members. It comes in 3 levels. The first level is Federal Government Law. They are always available and involves how the federation is run. Second one is Federal Regulation Law. They are laws imposed upon members but generally doesn’t infringe upon their sovereignty. Third is Federal Unified Law. These are laws that affect the way the members govern. Currently none are implemented yet but a planned example is shared slavery policy.

Proposal System
These Federal Laws cannot be set like normal policies. They must go through a system called the Proposal System. Each member empire can draft a proposal every 10 years via the policy menu. This proposal then goes through a vote by members. Depending on the Legislative Process Law, the way votes are considered could be different. It can be by consensus, by majority vote, or legislative power can be monopolized by the president. Once it is passed, it then becomes law and affects all federation members. Currently AI doesn’t try to pass a proposal but would randomly say Aye or Nay to proposals, depending on their shared ethics to the proposer. The AI would be changed later to reconsider the proposal itself.

Future Plans:
Planned are more Federal Laws, Federal Unification, and Challenge President Event for Supremacy Leadership Types. Also members opposing a proposal who get outvoted should be able to get an option to leave the federation instead.

New Update:
A new update! Here are the new features:

New Laws
There are 2 new Federal Regulation Laws and 2 new Federal Unified Laws.

Federal Research Institute
A simple law that founds an institute boosting federal-wide research. Uses budget though.

Federal Health Institute
Similar to the previous one but boosts habitability and growth instead. Also uses budget.

Open Economy
Forces empires to allow migration. Can’t make it work to automatically grant migration treaties though.

Federal Rights
Low level disables purging. High level disables slavery.

Budget Triggered Modifiers
Reworked budget so it actually has a use. You can go over the budget but federation leaders suffer penalties based on how much you are over. Excess budget law provides a boost instead.

Bribery System
A use for excess influence. Sway other members to vote to pass your proposals. Boosts chance by a factor of 2,3, and 5 for each level of bribes.

Narcoleptic Insomniac
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