Stellar Cheats For Stellaris

Stellar Cheats For Stellaris

Update 2
Added cheats for buildings, megastructures and subjects integrations.

Update 1
Cheats splitted into four categories.

Update compatibility
The updates are 100% compatible to your existing savegame, both vanilla or with Stellar Cheats.
If you used Stellar Cheats you’ll notice that all your bonus vanished, simply because the edicts now have different names, just go into Edits selection page and activate the now four edicts an you’ll have the same situation as before.

This is a simple mod that allow the player (not the AI) to toggle an edict which will give the following effects:


+1000% Energy credits output
+1000% Minerals output
+1000% Food output
+150000 Mineral storage capacity
+150000 Energy storage capacity

+80% Research speed
+5% Survey speed
+10 Research alternatives
+400% Physics research points output
+400% Society research points output
+400% Engineering research points output

+60 Empire leader capacity
+10 leader choice in selection screen

+30 Sectors limit
+20 Core sector systems
+1000% Influence points gain
+1000% Monthly unity gain

+200% Naval capacity
-90% Ship upkeep
-90% Ship build time
+1000% Army build speed

+2000% Megastructures build speed
+1000% Building build speed
-1000% Clear tile blocker time

-95% Subject integration influence cost (hence, time)
Simply go to the empire edict selection screen and activate “Stellar Cheats”

This is obviosly not ironman compatible, and this is obviously super cheating so use with caution, remember that the fun factor is definitely hampered, this mod is useful for testing or for shaping a super empire capable to compete with Fallen Empires or monstruosities in decades.

Any feedback is appreciated.

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