+ Stellar Catalyst Stellaris

+ Stellar Catalyst Stellaris

Stellar Catalyst
A companion mod for Real Space

This mod introduces a minor megastructure that can be built by any empire that researches the appropriate technology. The stellar catalyst triggers fusion in a Y or P class dwarf, the brown-dwarves – “failed” stars which didn’t accumulate enough mas to ignite and produces some energy like a cheaper, more restricted dyson sphere.

“Will you make a standalone version”.

If by standalone version you mean either A: Without utopia DLC or B: Without need for realspace the answer is no.

A: Can’t make it without utopia due to the assets from the dyson sphere.
B: Without realspace there’d be no Y or T class dwarves to build the machine on. Being able to build them on any gas giant loses the point and I don’t feel like mantaining a fork of realspace just for the dwarf stars.


Technology: Stellar Catalyst:
Available after Quantum Energy States and Deep Space Installations as a rare particle physics technology.

Megastructure Stellar Catalyst Proper:

A multi-tier installation with model based on the dyson sphere.

Stage 1: Construction Platform

Cost: 10000 minerals + 100 influence.
Build time: 900 Days.
Maintenance: 5 energy

Stage 2: Superstructure

Cost: 15000 minerals
Build time: 1800 days
Maintenance 10 energy

Stage 3: Complete superstructure

Cost: 15000 minerals
Build time: 1800 days
Maintenance 25 energy

Stage 4: Accretion

Cost: 10000 minerals
Build time 1800 days
Maintenance: 50 energy. 10 minerals.

Stage 4: Compression

Cost: 10000 minerals
Build time 1800 days
Maintenance: 100 energy. 10 minerals.

Stage 5: Ignition

Cost: 20000 energy.
Build time20 days
Income: 300 energy + 20 physics.

The income is almost equal to a full dyson sphere, but I based my balance on Improved Megastructures which makes megastructures more meaningful given the time and resource investment. Its one-fourth of a full dyson sphere (1200 energy). It’s simple enough to edit the file yourself to change the output to an appropriate balance.


This mod patches the planetclasses from Real Space to make class T and Y dwarves to have a constant size (needed for the mod mechanics) and makes them a little more common so a small empire might have one or two in their territory to justify its construction. No core game files are modfied.

I’d like to once more extend a big thanks to TTFTCUTS and Wolin here on steam for their help with scripting and .asset coding, TTFtCUTS by giving me a good suggestion for the megastructure’s name and of course to Annatar for creating Real Space

Be sure to check their mods!

Megastructures by TTFCUTS and Nutsoman
(Stellaris +) Evolved by Wolin
Realspace is a dependency to the mod so you should get directed to it automatically.

Also check my other mod – +stellaris evolved classic!

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