(- Star Wars: Galactic Civil War – Models & more -) For Stellaris

(- Star Wars: Galactic Civil War – Models & more -) For Stellaris

Star Wars: Galactic Civil War – Models & More
Stellaris Version 1.5.1
This mod started out as a pet project to make Elraties beautiful Star Wars ship mods compatible with the New Ship Classes & more mod that imho greatly enhances gameplay.
Somehow modding Stellaris has captured my interest though, so I kept on working on the mod to make it better and more. NSC now actually directly supports the Star Wars ship mods, but I keep on developing this one as well, since I use different ship types (I am an oldschool Star Wars fan, hailing from the original movies and games like X-Wing and TIE-Fighter, this is reflected by my ship model choices) and am adding more stuff like Star Wars heroes as leaders and maybe other stuff in the future.
Starting with Stellaris 1.5, I am including my own model files in this mod, so updates from Elratie don’t break my mod anymore and I will have an easier time updating/fixing things. I have gotten Permission from Evillejedi and the other model makers a while ago, but RL only allowed me to do this now. So from now on the only other mod required will be NSC.
Also as a side project, I have done a ‘Vanilla” Star Wars mod, that does not change the checksum and thus allows achievements to be earned while flying Star Wars ships, you may want to check it out under
GCW Vanilla Sky .

What this mod does
This mod brings Star Wars ship models and some Star Wars characters into Stellaris with the NSC mod. It does not change anything related to game balance, it keeps everything related to balance as it is in NSC (with the exception of a minor change in corvette attack behavior). It is not supposed to be compatible with any other mods than NSC, though it might be. The bigger the other mod, the more likely it won’t work. Especially, it is in no way, shape or form supposed to work with “A galaxy divided”. It also does not offer the full Elratie mods, just a smaller selection of ships that I find more suited to fulfill NSCs needs.

What is in it
It brings with it the following ship and station models which you will get if you select “Galactic Empire” for your ship appearance. Most of the models directly included by me are taken from Nomada_Firefoxes model pack, with permission from him. Others were directly taken from Evillejedi’s and Jeroenimo’s mods for EAW and HW, and some have advanced textures by ArvisTaljik.

There is also a name list available with some names for all the ship classes and ships as well as other things, under the name of “Galactic Empire”.

3 TIE Avengers
3 Assault Gunboats
3 Missile Boats
Imperial Assault Transport
IPV Mk.II System Patrol Craft
Escort Shuttle
Corellian Corvette
Corellian Gunship
Arquitens Imperial light cruiser
Carrack class light cruiser
Nebulon-B class frigate
Nebulon-B2 class frigate
Lancer class frigate
Strike Cruisers:
Immobilizer 418 Interdictor Cruiser
Dreadnought cruiser
Loronar Strike cruiser
Large capital ships:
Light carrier – Ton-Falk-class Imperial escort carrier
Battlecruiser – Victory-class Star Destroyer
Battleship – Procursator-class Star Destroyer
Carrier – Venator-class Star Destroyer
Dreadnought – Imperial-class Star Destroyer & Conqueror
Superdreadnought – Allegiance-class Star Destroyer
Flagship – Executor-class Super Star Destroyer
Civilian Ships
TIE Scout – Science Ship
BFF-1 Bulk Freighter – Construction Ship
Imperial Star Galleon – Colony Ship
Gozanti-class cruiser – Transport Ship
Imperial Fighter Factory – Mining Station
XQ-1 Outpost – Outpost Station
XQ3 Station – Research Station
Golan I Battle platform – Small Defense Platform
Golan II Battle platform – Medium Defence Station
Golan III Battle platform – Fortress
Jovan Station – Battle fortress
Empire Station – Spaceport
Not yet included but soon to come back:

Strike Craft:
Fighter: TIE-Fighter
Bomber: TIE-Bomber
Lander: Stormtrooper Transport
Ship sizes are not to scale, but I adjusted them into what I found a good compromise between scale and visibility. All the classes have only one model on one of the core slots, the other slots have empty models. Exception: Dreadnought has the models on the bow slots, because I added the Conqueror for the XL weapon variant. Thanks to everyone who wanted it ????
There are no weapon turrets or placements. Some engine effects are misplaced or missing. Superdread and SSD have broken or no images in the section windows. While I can code a little, I have very little clue about 3D-modeling, so I probably won’t fix most graphical issues.

There are also Turbolaser weapons in the game, which are simply copies of the standard projectile weapons, just with different special effects and names.
I will look into the possibility of re-integrating the full Turbo Weapon mod by Elratie with a patch, but currently it is not supported any more. Feel free to try at your own risk though.

Included as well are the following heroes, which you get at the start of the game only right now. They all have an extra trait to give them +25 years of life, but to make the most of them, I recommend the “enduring” or “venerable” traits for your species. To get those heroes, you have to select “Galactic Empire” as the appearance for your species.

Senator Palpatine
Darth Vader
Willhuf Tarkin
Bevel Lemelisk
Orson Krennic
Tiaan Jerjerrod
How to use
Subscribe to this mod and NSC, and activate them in your mod list. If something doesn’t work, the most likely explaination is that you run an incompatible mod in addition to the required ones, or that you are not running all the required ones. Please check that before you complain. If something is still broken despite those two things being okay, please complain away.

Huge thanks to

for the beautiful Star Wars mods, without his mods to dissect I never would have been able and motivated to teach me how to do my own.
Also to

and his crew for the great NSC and some help with fixing stuff I couldn’t solve by myself.

Special thanks to

for allowing me to use his model pack.

Credits for allowing me to use their art as follows:

Models and sounds:

Evillejedi, Jeroenimo, Warb Null, Daniel
Texture: Most of the models use Evillejedi´s skins edited by

. Some have new textures by ArvisTaljik.

Bwing, Ywing: Petroglyph/Lucasarts

Rigged: Nomada_Firefox.

Particles: Nomada_Firefox/Petroglyph/Lucasarts

Copyright disclaimer: This is a non-profit mod. No copyright infringement is intended. All images belong to their respective trademark owners.

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