(Star Trek) New Worlds Mod

(Star Trek) New Worlds Mod

Update log:
June 27 – Moved compatibility fixes for More Star Classes to a new mod
June 25 – added sub-mod to remove primitive species
June 21 – Finished adding built-in compatibility with Kepler68’s More Star Classes mod, now this mod’s planets will spawn around Kepler’s new stars in proper locations, you can test using ‘observe’ and ‘planets’ console commands, please report any issues.

Included in this mod:
Updated stellaris original planet information to include the class they belong to and added several new planet types, plus a few new textures for gas giants and realistic textures (or very close) for Mercury, Venus, Io, Europa, Ganymede, Callisto, Enceladus, Titan, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto.
The new planets have icons and recolored environment art for the habitable ones.
Deposits have been updated to include the new planet classes, and some strategic resources have been changed so some will spawn on gas giants and hot greenhouses while others spawn on ice giants and coold greenhouses, instead of all spawning on gas giants.
Planet modifiers have been changed to include the new planet classes, and a new tile blocker representing water masses that will be more common in oceanic worlds but can also spawn on other wet worlds.
Habitability relations changed a great deal as well as the terraform links.
System initializers, the primitive Sols have been updated with the new textures and the prescripted Sol initializer besides the new textures also has changes the neighbor star systems. The random generic system generation code has been reworked, including systems with primitive species.

This mod is not associated with Star Trek: New Horizons, nor is it compatible, at this time.
All new planet textures and icons are original works while the other graphics may be recolors of Stellaris original assets.
For a better experience, please use together with More Star Classes mod by Keppler68.

This planet and galaxy generation mod would not be possible without Chris Adamek’s contribution! The mod is loosely based on his Star Trek Planet Classification Guide, adapted to better fit Stellaris. All textures are his original works, done specifically for this mod and for any other use he wishes to give them in the future. The normals and speculars may not be perfect as we dont completely understand how they are done, but the textures more than make up for it. If you like his work and anything related to star trek, be sure to check out his website which also includes some fine fiction!

I also want to thank knuckey333, author of “More Planet Types” mod, as I used his mod to start working on my own, but every planet texture has since been replaced except for some possible leftovers in the code and terrain tiles / skyboxes for the greenhouse worlds.

And finally to Gatekeeper, author of “Planetary Diversity” mod, for his help with figuring out how the speculars and night-side city lights work. Im expecting lots of people to ask if both mods are compatible, im afraid not, too many of the same files are changed, and it would be a good deal of work to combine them or make a compatibility patch, but never say never…

Planet classes:
Here I will include stellaris originals in the list to let you know where they fit, as each planet will belong to a specific class. New worlds will include a rendered image (not in-game screenshot), the others are stellaris originals that may have been adapted to this mod. Please note each new world has a texture pool of 3 textures on average.

And if you’re interested in more star trek lore about these worlds, including some nice renders, take a look at Chris’ website:

Class A Geothermal (stellaris Molten ex: Io)
Class B Geomorteus (ex: Mercury)
Class C Geoinactive (stellaris Cold Barren ex: Luna)
Class C Geoinactive (stellaris Frozen ex: Europa)
Class D Dwarf (ex: Pluto)
Class E Geoplastic
Class F Geometallic
Class G Geocrystalline (refered to as Cambrian)
Class H Desert
Class I Ice Giant (ex: Uranus)
Class J Gas Giant (ex: Jupiter)
Class K Adaptable (stellaris Barren ex: Mars)
Class L Dry Marginal
Class L Wet Marginal
Class L Cold Marginal
Class L Tropical
Class L Arid
Class L Steppes (stellaris Tundra)
Class M Savannah
Class M Terrestrial (stellaris Continental)
Class M Lush
Class M Retinal
Class M Alpine
Class N Hot Greenhouse (ex: Venus)
Class N Cold Greenhouse (ex: Titan)
Class O Pelagic (stellaris Oceanic)
Class P Glaciated (stellaris Arctic)
Class U Ultra Giant
Class Y Toxic

Other changes/additions:
Also included a building I made for another personal mod, a Domed Habitat: you can only build 1 per planet, but its upgradeable and improves planet habitability plus some energy and adjacent food bonus in higher levels, at the cost of some food and minerals to maintain. This should increase viability of colonizing less than perfect worlds, so your empire can have more diversity and reduce requirement to terraform every single planet you wish to colonize. It uses the hydroponic farms graphics, while replacing the farm’s original graphics with something else.

Things to do:
Besides fixing bugs that may be identified, some textures should be improved or replaced, this mod has been in development for almost a year and both me and Chris have been learning since we began, so the first textures may not have the same quality as the last, you can expect those to be improved. I also plan on adding a 2nd planet type for each of the more extreme habitable classes (pelagic, desert and glaciated), so each class has one world type that is better suited to species that favor hotter climates, and another world type for colder climates.

Lex Peregrine
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