Star Trek Anomalies For Stellaris

Star Trek Anomalies For Stellaris

A mod that aims to include episodes of Star Trek as anomalies for players to discover and play through.

0% file replacements, so this mod is fully compatible with any other mod (unless someone purposfully uses the same syntax as me).

For some reason my description deleted itself beyond this point when I updated the mod…

Writing stories is hard, so I plan on adapting Star Trek TNG episode plots as interactive anomalies and special events that you can play through in Stellaris. I will endeavor to make the mod balanced, but for now I’m going to focus on quantity of content and diversity of anomalies. Balancing is easier to do in hindsight after all.

Currently there are 3 anomalies to discover so far, Based off the episodes:
– “Second Chances”
– “The Inner Light”
– “Where Silence Has Lease”

These are some of my favourite episodes (Also quite simple stories). If you follow what happens in the episode, you are very likely to get the “best” outcome but to keep things interesting I’ve added some random checks which can give the characters some bad luck.

In this way, you can live through your favourite moments from Star Trek through the eyes of your custom race. For those who have never watched an episode, this mod will be even greater as you will be experiencing the wonderful plotlines for the first time and have the opportunity to make mistakes! (I envy you)

To make the anomalies appear manually, select any planet and type one of the following commands:

Add_anomaly STA_secondChance_category
Add_anomaly STA_innerLight_category
Add_anomaly STA_silence_category

If you’ve read all this way, I’ve got a google doc with all the writing for my anomalies. If you’d like to help with the writing let me know and I can give you editing privileges. The writing is the longest part of the process, so I’d be very appreciative if anyone wants to lend a hand.

I haven’t had enough time to fully test the anomaly creation, as it would take me playing multiple entire games to make sure that the anomalies are created timely and only once. If anyone finds bugs, please post on the discussion so that I can fix them!

All feedback is welcome, writing/coding or just ideas are all very helpful.

Doot Doot
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