Star Lifters For Stellaris

Star Lifters For Stellaris

Adds Star Lifters, a mineral producing Dyson Sphere.

Produces 1000 minerals at maximum efficiency, at an upkeep of 300 energy. This is meant to be balanced with Improved Megastructures.

Star Lifters are a hypothetical Megastructure that would remove mass from stars, inconsequential to the star itself, but more than any empire could ever need.

Only light-weight forms of matter can be harvested from stars, iron being the heaviest and incredibly uncommon in most stars before going supernova, so harvested solar matter must be converted through a matter converter at the cost of energy, as creating any element heavier than iron consumes energy in fusion.

Huge thanks to Lex for adding in the stage completion pop-ups, as well as doing a Russian localization! If you wish to tweak the mod, Lex left instructions in the comments. It’s a good exercise if you want to understand how Stellaris’ code works, at the very least.

Help Wanted!
If anyone is willing to translate this mod into the supported languages, feel free to do so and contact me so I can add it in!

Chaincat, Lex
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