Star Falls For Stellaris

Star Falls For Stellaris

Is a universe where peace is but a beautiful lie, this mod adds a variety of art assets, from portraits to new ship sets for you to use and enjoy, fully created by Miss Nobody. The universe of Star Fall is one unchained from any already established franchise fully capable of growing without the restraints of keeping up with someone else’s ideas.


UISOK: Fight for Domination with the Unified Imperial States of Krasia
CPOE: Fight for your God’s return as the Colonial Principality of Eternia.
AQUAN: Defend the Peace and Freedom of all sentient beings in the galaxy as the Aquan Alliance of Free Systems.
Hannah: Enact the Ultimate Retribution againts the galaxy that abandoned you as Hannah.
… and many more empires with their unique stories!

Krasian: New human portraits with Krasian regalia.
Ascended: Humanoid aliens that live inside their suits.
Aquan Portraits: Aquatic aliens.
Kioden: Reptilian race.
Pocon: Small but very brave birds.
Iunan: Dark skinned humanoids.
Sphere bots: Adorable robots!

-UISOK: Reskinned red and blue Plantoids with some unique ships.
-CPOE: Unique ship set using in game models in new ways!
-AQUAN: Elegant white mosculloid ships.
-HANNAH: Dark and creepy anthropoid ships.

UISOK: A white city of skycrappers.
CPOE: A dark shadowy yet elegant city.
Aquan: Anthropoid aquan reskin!
Hannah: A small laboratory on which to do all your crazy science!

Use the unique ship sets of one of the main factions of Star falls to conquer the galaxy!

Visit and explore the homeworlds of the UISOK and the CPOE and learn the stories that forged them into the nations they are today!

-Does this mod add anithing other than portraits and ship sets?

-Are the ship sets compatible with NSC and ISB?
Yes! They are fully compatible with both!!

-Will you add compatibility with RS?
Yes, right now is half implemented, will finish after i finish what im already currently doing for the next update.

-Will you also add compatibility for X ship mod or Y ship mod?
I will not add compatibility with any other mod that adds ship classes, those three are the most widely used ones anyways.

-Are the portraits animated?
Just because I know that even if I put it on the features list, people are still gonna ask, ALL portraits are fully animated.

-Can I use X feature of your mod or Y feature of your mod on my own mod?
100% of Star Fall have been created by using in game assets and modifying them, this is something anyone with a bit of effort can do, so no.

-Will you add anything else to the mod?
Yes! Expect new aliens species and even more stuff coming! (Currently no ETA)

-Does this mod requires any DLC to work?
The UISOK and all of its assets requires the plantoid DLC to work, without it, you will be unable to see the UISOK, but you can still play and use any of the other factions assets.

-Will this mod ever require more DLCs other than Plantoid?
Most likely.

-Can i get achievements with this mod on?
Don’t know, Don’t think so, Don’t really care much.
Mods that add a lot of stuff be in new systems or features or mods that add a lot of art features like portraits and ship sets (like this one) are 98% of the time incompatible with achievements, i myself never cared for achievements so i did not test this. Still expect to not be able to gain any Achievements while using this mod.

-I got a crazy good idea, how can I contact you?
Feel free to post your ideas down below, on the discussion tab or even better, poke me at
(NSC discord channel, I’m always there)

Crusader Vanguard – For all his amazing help with coding, as well as teaching me practically 90% of all that I know about modding.
Princess Stabbity – For her help with coding as well as ideas and critique.
TheGrandN aka “Nessa” – For teaching me how to use Maya and showing me so much patience with all of my stupidity.
Ajhian – For being my best friend and the person that would never let me give up.
CaptainX3 – For his ideas and opinions.
Cirdain – For being mature enough to not kill me after I kept annoying him for reviews.
Gaothus – For being a living well of information that was always there to help me.
Zevfer – For his opinions and ideas on the Kioden .


v1.0.0: Star Falls Released!

Miss Nobody, Crusader Vanguard
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