More Star Classes For Stellaris

More Star Classes For Stellaris

This mod currently adds:

The Elusive O class star

The Massive Red Giant

The Enormous Red Supergiant

The Titanic Red Hypergiant

The Ancient White Dwarf

The Weak L Star

The Dim T Star

The Totally Not A Planet Y Star

The Orange giants, supergiants, and hypergiants

The Explosive Wolf-Rayet Star

The Procedural Binary Star Systems

(DISABLED) The (new) Epic Trinary Star Systems

Several Rouge Planet Systems (optional)

Two Special Systems (that i wont spoil, 1 of each per galaxy)

to the game. they will spawn in adittion to the other star types but rarely. this is purely cosmetic and should not affect gameplay at all.


check the suggestions + todo list thread


There are two types of binary systems: close and far. close systems have two stars and all planets are circumbinary. far systems have two stars with small planetary systems around them. they don’t have moons because of limitations but each star will have about half the normal planets in a solar system so the total planets is about the same. currently binary stars will both be the same class due to limitations with stellaris. asteroids will not spawn around binary stars but this will be changed in the future. yes you can spawn around both types of binary systems. i have not yet touched alpha centauri or sirius yet but i might ????

Rouge planets are generated after the galaxy and as such will not reduce the number of planets in the galaxy. they WILL be generated in existing saves though ????


planet classes are

pc_o_star for O star

pc_wd_star for white dwarf

pc_rg_star for red giant

pc_rsg_star for red supergiant

pc_rhg_star for red hyper giant

pc_l_star for L star

pc_t_star for T star

pc_y_star for Y star

pc_wr_star for Wolf-Rayet

pc_barycenter for a barycenter

pc_grn f04 !?#&#&T*

pc_pr Fo_R &#%@^#!:D!!

star classes use the same letter system like sc_o = O star

sc_rouge for rouge planet lighting and background. default star is Y but is not needed

there is a random list rl_more_stars that will pull from all modded stars. there is also one called rl_morestandard_stars which pulls from all stars except neutron stars/pulsars/black holes.

also, at the beginning of the game a global flag is set “using_kepler68_morestarclasses”


this mod should be compatible with everything as no vanilla files were harmed in the creation of this mod.


Fixed an issue with one of the binary starting systems

Binary stars question


Im going to wait a week after adams to tackle any bugs, then im going to start work on the DLC compatability modules. after that i will set up trinary initializers and binary black holes hopefully

dyson sphere wont fit on big stars such as supergiants. this is purely asthetic and the structure works fine normally.

brown dwarves make the dyson sphere produce energy despite not making energy themselves. not really surre what to do about this.

Ringworlds will form around the barycenter in binary systems without removing the stars. this is a purely asthetic issue which i hope to fix but it leads to some hilarious sights.

small stars like white dwarves vanish when you are zoomed in all the way and looking at a specific angle. this is a consequence of how stellaris renders stars but the issue is invisible unless you look for it.


Hypothetical stars by | Vμν ⟩

Zinogre for base work on red supergiants, most of the work on Hypergiants and making localization files far better than anything i could ever produce

SparkyFox for having a backup of the mod description when i lost it

mzilli for being the genius that figured out how to get the binary star names correct

Lord_Assaultーさま for a russian translation of the whole mod ????

Paradox modding discord for help with the random effect

Alguerath for fixing the spanish localisation AND helping me test a new version ????

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