(Standalone) Stellaris Improved – Gaia Planets & Ring Worlds Stellaris

(Standalone) Stellaris Improved – Gaia Planets & Ring Worlds Stellaris

*** Compatible with all other mods ***

This mod updates gaia planets and ring planets with unique modifiers. The intent is to make it worthwhile to go for gaia planet terraforms and ring planet construction.

**Note: In order to ensure performance, it may take up to a year for new gaia planets / ring worlds to update.

Gaia Worlds ~
In general, excellent bread and energy producers – also very good at boosting your society research

– Happiness +10%
– Society Research +30%
– Physics Research +15%
– Engineering Research +15%
– Food Production +35%
– Energy Production +35%
– Mineral Production +15%

Ring Worlds ~
Excellent across the board, and absolutely amazing at producing minerals

– Happiness +5%
– All Research +25%
– Energy Production +25%
– Mineral Production +40%

This is a stand-alone part of a mod i’m working on to redo core vanilla balance aimed towards making the game play better in a smaller timeframe (ie. remove all of the boring waiting around in mid-lategame).

Have fun. ????

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