SpeedDial Mod

SpeedDial Mod

Specific calling and Shroud Timer tooltips are now in this mod!

Once you discover a trader or curator enclave, an ‘extend’ button will appear which will let you call a specific enclave. You can then switch the mode to ‘fixed’ to contact the last enclave you contacted using the extended buttons.

The hover-over tooltip for the Shroud now displays approximate waiting times! The tooltip changes to show if you have to wait less than:

10/5/4/3/2/1 years, and 6/5/4/3/2/1 months

I’ve tested this pretty well, but please post any bugs.


if you activate the mod in an old save file, be aware of two things:

Specific Curator calling will be enabled at the end of the first month you play.

The Shroud timer tooltips will be broken if you are currently still in cooldown (ie. you reached into the Shroud before you saved the game, and before you installed/updated this mod). You will get a popup in-game explaining this. To fix the tooltips, wait till you can reach into the shroud again, then let a month tick by.

Other Versions
zraith‘s Additional Map Modes compatible version: here.

Mods with Integrated Support
folk‘s Mercenary Enclave
had‘s Human Fallen Empires

This mod should be compatible with all mods which don’t modify certain parts of the GUI, such as mapmodes.

Original Description
Grown tired of having to open your contacts list, scroll, find the traders, and then finally be able to trade for minerals? Or having to, once again, open your contacts list, scroll, and find the Shroud only to realize that you can’t yet reach into it? Then maybe this mod is for you!

SpeedDial adds four buttons to the top left of your screen – one each for the Traders, Artists, Curators, and Shroud. They only appear once you make contact with one of the enclaves or the Shroud. Clicking a button opens a diplomacy window with an appropriate contact.

The enclave buttons become deactivated if you are already talking to an enclave in question, or if you are unable to contact them normally. The Shroud is unable to be contacted from this button if you cannot reach into the shroud.

Paradox Forums Thread: Link [forum.paradoxplaza.com]

Localisation is English for all languages by default. If you want your own language supported, provide localisation and I’ll include it and recognize you. I’ve added more to this mod, so further localisation is necessary.

[~] Polish by AL|EN
[~] Russian by Isterichka and had
[✓] German by killy84
[X] French
[X] Spanish
[X] Portuguese

[✓] = up to date
[~] = not up to date
[X] = not done

Thanks to the localisation contributors!

• Can I get achievements if I use this mod?


• What if there are x trader or curator enclaves? What do the buttons do then?

The trader and curator buttons call a random known trader or curator. Or you can call specific ones using the ‘extended’ mode

• I want to call a specific trader!

*NEW* You can switch your mode to ‘extended’, and call a trader that way. Switching the mode to ‘fixed’ will change the main buttons to call the last enclave called using the extended lists!

Notes for Modders
Note for mod compatibility:
This should be compatible with most mods, but may not be compatible with some map mods. If it’s not compatible, you’ll need to merge the mods in question. See below.

Note for modders:
This mod replaces “maingui_bottombar” inside main_bottom.gui. Four ‘effectButtonType’ containers are added near the top of the gui file. If your mod edits this file, you’ll need to merge both mods and copy over the relevant containers to your new gui file.

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