Skittish Scientists Mod

Skittish Scientists Mod

Have you ever wondered what happens to Science ships set to autoexplore if they jump into a system with hostiles in it?
Wonder no more!

This mod:

Immediately pauses the game and puts up a warning
Clears the order queue for the science ship
Puts the science ship to Evasive stance, regardless of previous preference
The ship will then automatically do an evasive jump to a nearby system.

The mod only activates when science ships jump into a star system with hostiles. It does not do anything if, for example, hostile fleets enter a system your science ship is already in.
Actually, that might be the first thing I add – putting the science ship in Evasive stance if that happens, just in case.

Hint: for vanilla Stellaris 1.3, they do actually do evasive jumps if set to auto-explore, so this mod won’t actually improve the chances that any of them survive.

What it will do, however, is give you a nice popup with a location button on it, and pause the game so you can check and see what’s going on.

And peace of mind.

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