Single Habitable Planet per System Stellaris

Single Habitable Planet per System Stellaris

The purpose of this mod is to, with certain specific exceptions, limit the number of habitable planets to one per system. No more ugly “shared system” borders!


The mod functions automatically during galaxy generation, and thus will only work with new games. While it’s possible to limit the number of habitable planets easily in systems with guaranteed planets, it’s harder to do so in completely randomly generated systems. Therefore, I had to allow the system to be generated with multiples, and then remove all but one planet (by making them barren). The downside to this is that the number of habitable planets in your galaxy will be lower than your Habitable Worlds setting would suggest. I would recommend increasing the setting one or two values higher than you normally play with to compensate. The upside to this is that it’s possible to select based on planet size, so I always keep the largest habitable planet. This means the average planet size should be higher than normal.


For now, I’ve left in the Trappist system with its 3 habitable planets. I’ve also left in the Automated Dreadnought system having 2 habitable planets. It is also possible to end up with multiple planets via the Terraforming Candidate anomaly on barren worlds – which I have left in for the default Sol system. And, of course, you can always build habitats or ring worlds.


Unfortunately this mod is incompatible with any mod that changes any of the solar_system_initializers settings, including mods like Unbiased Starts. Should there be any demand for it, I can upload a version that incorporates Unbiased Starts into this mod (which is actually how I prefer to play).

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