ship-en For Stellaris

ship-en For Stellaris

Eve-ship EVE on warships

Since my English sucks, machine translation can only be translated! If the English over which people have a better translation, please help me! Ha ha!


With the EVE four family war patrol, small aircraft, large aircraft, fearless, Titan model slot have changed, AI cannot use the corresponding slot, no other original spacecraft battleship models more out of the doomsday weapon with ordinary weapons instead of S tank, icon, power 15000, second modules can pull down the Titans see multi slot module unique, there are 1S groove installation end, all of the core AI ban.

I would like to thank the original SoulLink author mod, or I will not get out of this.

This workshop is given SoulLink address, love Eve you can see, even if the game back to the 1.2.5 area to play his mod is a kind of enjoyment!!

PS: war patrol cruiser and together, battleships and all together to open flagship, no new technology, if not see warships manually or automatically generated the new battleship battleship design.

By the way: you want to play war patrol, fearless, aircraft carrier, the Titan please choose a new model of the four warships, the general choice of the model in the most


Compatible with the 1.5 version, but there is a big problem, or solve bug frigate or sequela, is the primary core place below S slot is installed in the battleship, so NPC frigates will be abnormal, please note that you are actually on the metamorphosis, I do balance.

There are cruisers, destroyers, small aircraft carriers and large aircraft carriers, as well as Titan must be designed manually.

Fix the model bug, and optimize the size of the model.


To modify a part of the repetitive skills, the highest research, please stop at LV100, not more than Lv101, so as to avoid the super speed class error


Delete the policy, increase the new technology, can be strengthened to increase playability (new technology classification society, can improve happiness to reduce differences and even other kinds of addition, including the Navy cap), increased the new characteristics of the increase of scientists, searching for enemy weapons flagship strength

First enter the debugtooltip, the mouse leadership will display the leadership of the ID, in general, the first research boat scientist Di is 17, and then the new characteristic code is leader_trait_special_careful

To open the console, and then enter the add_trait_leader * leader_trait_special_careful * *.

* is the code, such as the code is 17, then enter the add_trait_leader 17 leader_trait_special_careful


Increased the fearless and the Titan special weapons, weakened the player slot, strengthened the AI (does not contain the fall and natural disasters)


Doomsday weapon Titan limited weapons (other warships can not be installed), increased the doomsday weapon of the aurora instrument, increased the doomsday weapon effects, modify the doomsday weapon icon, because of Gadari’s dying light missile, so more than the other end of the range of 1/3, but I guess most will use Elmar’s trial date the aurora or Gallente instrument.

The following is the content of the former repair

Modify the carrier range, small light cavalry aircraft carrier collocation special carrier, heavy cavalry aircraft special collocation, the size of aircraft equipped with a M slot to equip special Super long-range missile carrier (to avoid cheek play), light ring assembly all aura vessels are +1 vessels of self aggrandizement plug-in (except a Titan Titan, after all galaxies should only be put in a bar), while adjusting the proportion of ship model (Titan becomes large, small aircraft reduced, the battleship cruiser becomes large, narrow).

The research ship is very hard, plus a AI game player can battle before the pressure head, flagship comprehensive repression, war patrol and small aircraft carriers have friendly aura (increase BCS tend to attack aircraft carriers, tend to defend, the Titan is omnipotent!)

Fixed a problem with several slots in the cruiser.

Fixed AI chance to use those advanced core issues, specific as follows:

AI can be used to increase the lower module, playing like this to the federal federal design. By the way, put an end to the use of advanced AI module, automatic loading lower default module, so please manually assembled themselves.

D BOY, SoulLink
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