Ship Classes Extended Stellaris

Ship Classes Extended Stellaris

Ship Classes Extended is a lightweight mod that adds several new ship sizes to the game, each with a clearly defined role. Its primary mission is to provide new ship classes without changing anything about the existing ones, introducing redundancy, affecting the game’s economy or drastically redefining warfare.

SCX does not change the existing balance of the four vanilla ship classes, but rather adds a new layer of interactions on top. The new classes are designed to serve unique roles not already covered by existing ships.

Capital Ships:

Expensive to build, costly to maintain and inefficient to mass produce, but individually very powerful. By definition, the main enemy of a capital ship is another capital ship, so they will generally focus their attention on destroying one another while their escorts are fighting their own battles.

Carrier: While smaller ships possess limited ability to deploy strike craft, the Carrier is fully dedicated to it. Not only does it have increased capacity, it is also quite resilient and can survive long battles. However, it posseses only minimal armaments of its own which limits its ability to fight back.
Dreadnought: The defining feature of the Dreadnought is an enormous spinal mount capable of deploying weapons too large even for Battleships. The Dreadnought excels at taking out big, armoured targets at long range, but its dedication to heavy weapons makes it extremely vulnerable to being swarmed by overwhelming numbers of small ships and strike craft.
Superdreadnought: The Superdreadnought is not so much a better Dreadnought, but rather a specialised variant. It serves as a fleet flagship, providing various bonuses to ships under its command. It has comparable firepower to a Dreadnought, and even greater resilience. However, its long construction time, prohibitive price and taxing maintenance costs make deployment of multiple Superdreadnoughts infeasible

Fleet Command Network (Ship Aura):
Restricted to: Superdreadnought
Unlocked by: default
These auras provide various beneficial effects to fleets under their influence. However, effects from multiple or different FCNs do not stack. In order to benefit from multiple Superdreadnoughts, each must be assigned to a different fleet.

Nova Reactor (Special Component):
Restricted to: Dreadnought, Superdreadnought
Unlocked by: research. Requires: Dreadnoughts, Zero-Point Power
A special power core that can only be equipped by Dreadnought-sized vessels. It dramatically increases the ship’s production cost, but provides enough energy to power all of its weapons… or a single Nova Cannon.

Nova Cannon (Extra Large Weapon):
Restricted to: Dreadnought, Superdreadnought
Unlocked by: research. Requires: Dreadnoughts, Tachyon Lances, Focused Arc Emitters, Giga Cannon
This is a unique XL slot weapon only equippable by Dreadnought-sized vessels. It requires a lot of power to function and has a long cooldown between shots, but each burst deals massive, potentially lethal, damage to unshielded targets, prioritising capital ships. It comes in 3 variants, sharing all stats except damage type and colour.

Supercarrier Decks (Ship Section):
Restricted to: Carrier
Unlocked by: synergy. Requires: Dreadnoughts
Upon researching Dreadnoughts, Carriers gain the option to use Supercarrier sections that trade ship weapons for additional Strike Craft capacity.

Superdreadnought Hangars (Ship Section):
Restricted to: Superdreadnought
Unlocked by: synergy. Requires: Carriers
Upon researching Carriers, Superdreadnoughts gain limited ability to deploy Strike Craft.

Standardized Capital Ship Patterns (Spaceport Module):
Restricted to: T6 Spaceport
Unlocked by: research. Requires: Carriers, Dreadnoughts, Superdreadnoughts
Allows to add special assembly yards to fully developed spaceports that decrease the cost and build speed of all capital ship classes constructed there.

In-built compatibility with The Asari Civilisation
In-built compatibility with Elves of Stellaris
In-built compatibility with Dark Species Ships
Compatible with Downscaled ships via Downscaled Ships: Ship Classes Extended
This mod does not modify any vanilla ships, techs, weapons, components or anything except country_types. It should be compatible with almost everything except other ship classes mods.
It does make Defines changes to ship spacing and vertical spread. This is purely cosmetic and overriding it with another mod will not break any functionality.
In-built support for component slots used by Ship Power Stations and Advanced Ship Behaviour Modules

If you are not satsfied with the limited scope of SCX and are looking for more content and gameplay integration, please take a look at New Ship Classes & More by CaptainX3 and Crusader Vanguard!
UI Overhaul 1080p is highly recommended to make sure your ship designer can display all ship sections.
Automated Behavior Ajdustment helps the AI handle new ships a bit better.
Be sure to check out our other mods!
The Asari Civilisation
Downscaled Ships: Ship Classes Extended
Elves of Stellaris

Some ideas and code were based on New Ship Classes & More by CaptainX3 & Crusader Vanguard
Created by the SCX Team: Princess Stabbity & Nessa
Stellaris™ is a trademark of Paradox Interactive
Sounds from A Few More – Reaper Laser by Shockonator used with permission

Princess Stabbity, TheGrandN
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