Share the Wealth For Stellaris

Share the Wealth For Stellaris

UPDATE: This mod has been updated to version 1.3 over at Share the Wealth-Revised

This mod provides spaceport modules that allow you to transfer food, minerals, and energy between different planets using three new strategic resources. There are quite a few of these types out there but I didn’t like the way they used planetary buildings. Using spaceport modules allows you to make the changes even for planets within sectors and prevents using species traits to double dip on resources.

Transferring food is fairly straight forward: just build an export module on a planet with lots of food and an import module on a planet you would like to send the food to. Note you cannot transfer food from sector to sector since they only use their own strategic resources.

The mineral and energy bays are designed to extract resources out of sectors. Build an export module in a spaceport belonging to a sector and an import module around a core sector planet. This will drain minerals or energy from the sector to your main stockpile.

Research will improve the size of the modules and how many resources they can transfer; better hydroponics for food, power hubs for energy, and mineral processing for minerals.

The AI should not make use of these modules. Since they didn’t really have the intelligence to assign the modules properly I just disabled it for them. Let me know if you see an AI actually using them in a game as that should not be the case anymore.

Is not achievement compatible.
Should be save game compatible.

Recent Update: Prevented AI from using these modules, as they were acting rather stupid with them.
Changed the second level of each module to require research, rather than being available straight away.

Known issues: Since the resources are produced by spaceport modules they will not show up in the UI as other strategic resources do. This is likely due to the same vanilla bug that results in a resource not appearing to be consumed when a spaceport module (such as an engos refinery) is using it.

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